Who is the girl with braces in South Park?

Who is the girl with braces in South Park?

Shelly Carol Marsh (sometimes Shelley) is a character in the series South Park.

What happened to Shelly from South Park?

Apparently Stan’s parents wanted a divorce after the pandemic, and because the farm was a major source of their conflict, Stan decided to burn it down… unaware that Shelly was in the barn. As for Sharon, she couldn’t handle her daughter’s death, so she shot herself.

Is Shelly alive South Park?

In the first timeline depicted in “South Park: Post Covid” and “South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid”, Shelley is killed accidentally and Sharon is seen inconsolably depressed at her funeral, and is later said to have committed suicide as a result of her death.

What is Stan’s sister’s name in South Park?

Shelley Marsh
Shelley Marsh is Randy and Sharon’s daughter and Stan’s older sister. The character was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman until Bergman’s death, and Shelley has subsequently been voiced by Eliza Schneider. Her new voice artist is April Stewart.

How old is Scott Tenorman?

Scott Tenorman is the 8th-grade head Ginger rival and half-brother of Eric Cartman. He makes his first appearance in “Scott Tenorman Must Die”….Scott Tenorman.

South Park character
Age 15
Religion Student and Ginger Seperatist Movement Leader
Voiced by Trey Parker

What happened to Stan’s mom and sister?

This eventually led to Stan burning the farm after growing sick of their fighting, Shelly’s death, and Sharon’s suicide.

Is Stan’s grandpa dead?

Murder: In “Death”, it is revealed that he killed his grandfather because he told him to do it.

Are Stans parents divorced?

The season ended on a perplexingly serious note, as Stan’s parents get a divorce while the rest of the gang stops hanging out with Stan because he’s such a bummer.

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