Where is Teknatool located?

Where is Teknatool located?

St Petersburg, Florida
Teknatool International starts Teknatool USA Inc, based in St Petersburg, Florida.

Where are Teknatool lathes made?

Our China location is 100% owned by New Zealand and handles sourcing, manufacturing and other logistical needs, as well as limited R&D work.

Where are Nova lathes manufactured?

New Zealand
Nova lathes manufactured by Teknatool in New Zealand and well know for the range of woodturning lathes and woodworking accessories such as the Nova DVR XP lathe , Nova Galaxi DVR lathe, Nova 1624-44 lathe, Nova Comet midi lathe, Nova Comet 2 variable speed midi lathe and many more.

What is an insert Chuck?

The insert has different lathe spindle thread sizes internally and simply screws into the back of your NOVA chucks. Once the insert is in place, you can then put your chuck onto your lathe. Insert type chucks are the type where the insert adaptor system can be used.

Where are Nova g3 chucks made?

Review Summary The scroll and jaws glide smoothly and grip with ease, but this New Zealand-made chuck tightens in the opposite direction from other chucks—a bit confusing until you get used to it.

What are spindle adapters?

Spindle Adaptors were originally designed by Vicmarc. The purpose of them is to allow wood turners, who own more than one lathe with different spindle nose threads, to swap faceplates or chucks from one lathe to the other.

Where are Nova wood lathe chucks made?

NOVA 1624-44 lathe is launched. Teknatool purchases New Zealand owned factory in Qingdao, China.

What is a Nova Chuck?

Special Woodturning Dovetail Profile on Jaws NOVA Chuck jaws feature a special woodturning dovetail profile. Some chucks use an engineering profile, designed to hold hard material like steel. Other chucks use a rounded profile which will crush the wood fibers. without digging in and holding securely.

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