Where are the four numbers in Lightning Returns?

Where are the four numbers in Lightning Returns?

The four numbers of the secret code will change on subsequent playthroughs, meaning the numbers will be different each time.

  • Secret Code Number #1: Wharf of the Faithful.
  • Secret Code Number #2: Warehouse District.
  • Secret Code Number #3: South Station.
  • Secret Code Number #4: The Warrens.

What is the code in Lightning Returns?

After that you can head up to the Forsaken Graveyard and use the phone to enter the code and progress in the main mission. The number is 3607.

Are there multiple endings to Lightning Returns?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will have one, final concrete ending, according to director Motomu Toriyama. Speaking with VG247, Toriyama said unlike Final Fantasy 13-2, there won’t be multiple endings possible.

What happens if you run out of time in Lightning Returns?

If time runs out before all five main quests are completed, the Apocalypse will occur and the player will be given an option to restart the game from the beginning.

Where is the green carbuncle doll in Lightning Returns?

The green-colored Carbuncle doll is located by Seger’s shop in Old Town’s Marketplace on top of several crates. Take the item and bring it back to Dolce to complete the side quest.

Where is the crest of Etro?

Before leaving the area, make sure to pick up the Crest of Etro (the glowing object on the ground behind the Monument). Follow Noel towards the Warren while the gates are still open and present the Crest to the disciple at the gate to trigger the next objective.

How many side quests are in Lightning Returns?

There are 66 standard Side Quests to be found in the game – 20 in Luxerion, 16 in Yusnaan, 22 in The Wildlands and 8 in The Dead Dunes. Click on the links below for the description of each quest.

Can I play lightning returns?

Yeah you can play Lightning Returns without playing the first two. But to be frank Lightning Returns isn’t as good, its almost like playing a single player MMORPG. The side questing is pretty annoying.

How do I beat Noel Kreiss?

Lightning should be equipped with schemata that possess Thunder-based attacks, such as Sparkstrike. Attack should also be equipped. Deprotect and Deshell can be used to increase the damage Lightning deals to Noel, as well as to nullify the buffs that he casts. Careful timing is needed to guard against Meteor Javelin.

How many canvas of prayers are there in Lightning Returns?

In total there are 83 Canvas of Prayers Quests – 13 in Luxerion, 14 in Yusnaan, 25 in The Wild Lands, 18 in The Dead Dunes and 13 Global.

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