Where are the clue bottles in Sly 2?

Where are the clue bottles in Sly 2?

In Sly 2, the easiest way to find a clue bottle is to turn off the music in the Options menu, and then listen for a clinking noise. This is also a viable strategy in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, although the noise is quieter than in Sly 2.

Where is the first safe in Sly Cooper 2?

The safe is located in Dimitri’s office and is opened with the combination 2-3-1. Upon opening it, Sly receives the Knockout Dive.

Are there clue bottles in Sly 3?

So I’m new to the Cooper gang. I started playing Sly 2 a few months back and I got hooked. It was a blast to play and it’s been a long time since a game kept me that engaged.

Where is the contessa’s safe in Sly 2?

Map. The safe is located in a room underneath the Contessa’s house. The entrance is found on the side facing the train tracks. The safe’s combination is 2-4-8, and upon opening it, Sly receives the Long Toss gadget.

What is the long toss in Sly 2?

The long toss was used by Sly Cooper and Bentley. It allows them to throw other power-ups, such as Sly’s Alarm Clock and Bentley’s Trigger Bomb, farther than normal.

When did Sly 3 come out?

September 26, 2005Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves / Initial release date

How do you get Sly Cooper on ps4?

Unfortunately, Sly Cooper is a PlayStation exclusive franchise which means it is not available for Xbox consoles. However, the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy was also only on PlayStation but came to Xbox with the 2017’s remastered collection, so we can’t rule it out completely.

What do the bottles do in Sly Cooper 2?

Clue Bottles can be found scattered across Stages in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Collecting a certain number of Clues in a stage will give Bentley enough information to work out the code for that stage’s Vault, allowing Sly to open it and unlock the treasures hidden within.

How do you beat Contessa Sly 2?

Mission 8 (Sly): Close to Contessa Sly needs to pickpocket three tank-related items from the Contessa as she walks around the city. To lure her personal guards away, use dive smashes to distract them, and then use steal kills to eliminate them.

When was Sly 4 released?

February 5, 2013Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time / Initial release date

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