Who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013?

Who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013?

The induction ceremonies were held on July 28, 2013, at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. On July 27, the Hall of Fame presented two annual awards for media excellence—its own Ford C….BBWAA election.

Player Craig Biggio
Votes 388
Percent 68.2%
Year 1st

Who voted against Babe Ruth for the Hall of Fame?

The great Babe Ruth made it on 95.13 percent of his ballots. Meaning 4.87 percent of established baseball voters decided the Sultan of Swat was undeserving of the Hall of Fame. Nearly one out of 20—11 of the 226 voters—thought it was a good idea to leave Ruth off their list.

Who voted for the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Players are currently inducted into the Hall of Fame through election by either the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (or BBWAA), or the Veterans Committee, which now consists of four subcommittees, each of which considers and votes for candidates from a separate era of baseball.

How many votes did Barry Bonds get?

Bonds: 260 votes, 66% Clemens: 257 votes, 65.2%

Who was the first inductees in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

In Baseball’s first Hall of Fame class, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner, and Babe Ruth were inducted as five of the finest players of the era controlling the election ballots in 1936.

How many voters vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Below is a list of the 397 members of the BBWAA who cast ballots in the 2020 Hall of Fame election. Ballots from voters who opted to make them public will appear on this site at a later date.

Is Roger Clemens in the HOF?

The 2022 MLB Hall of Fame voting results are in, and star pitcher Roger Clemens will not be headed to Cooperstown for induction this year. Clemens received 65.2% of the votes in what was his final year on the ballot. He will move to the veterans’ committees for future considerations.

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