When was Ronnie James Dio in Elf?

When was Ronnie James Dio in Elf?

Ronnie plied his craft as a “melodic, keep-the-center anchor” on such rousing rock excursions as “Gambler, Gambler” from the 1972 debut of his band Elf, which later assimilated into Ritchie Blackmore’s fold as Rainbow in 1975.

Who played guitar in Elf?

Elf was an American rock band founded in 1967 by singer and bassist Ronnie James Dio, keyboardist Doug Thaler, drummer Gary Driscoll, and guitarists Nick Pantas and David Feinstein (Dio’s cousin).

Who were members of band Elf?

Gary Driscoll
Doug ThalerKeyboard instrument

How many albums did Elf make?

Carolina County Ball1974
Elf1972Trying to Burn the Sun1975The Elf Albums1991The Gargantuan Elf Album1978

Who is the bass player for Ronnie James Dio?

Jimmy Bain
Rudy SarzoJeff PilsonTeddy CookLarry Dennison

Is the picture in Elf really James Caan?

The exterior shot of James Caan taking Buddy’s phone call was the first shot for James Caan. Jon Favreau notes how lucky they were to get the actor but admits they didn’t know what they were going to be getting hiring an actor of his caliber.

How long did Motley Crue stay together?

The group was founded by bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. Mötley Crüe has sold over 100 million albums worldwide….

Mötley Crüe
Years active 1981–2015 2018–present
Labels Mötley Eleven Seven Music Elektra Leathür Warner Music Group

Who signed Motley Crue to Elektra Records?

They Sign to Elektra Records (1982) A&R rep Tom Zutaut later discovered the band playing live, and they ended up signing a contract with Elektra Records in early ’82. Too Fast for Love was re-released by the label in August.

Who is the singing elf in Polar Express?

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler (born March 26, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter. He performed the song, “Rockin’ on Top of the World” for the film and thus, did the voice of Elf Singer, who sang the song in the film.

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