What does Xana look like?

What does Xana look like?

XANA’s only physical appearance X.A.N.A.’s only real incarnation was in Ghost Channel, as a fake Jeremie inside a Simulation Bubble. It manifested its presence into a demonic caricature figure of the false Jeremie, with sharp nails, spiky hair, and an unnatural aura.

Is odd from Code Lyoko a girl?

He is the youngest of six children (Adele, Pauline, Elizabeth, Marie, Louise, and Odd). His youngest sister is the same age as Yumi, and he is the only boy. Odd is the only Lyoko Warrior whose new avatar doesn’t have fingerless gloves, as they are paws. Odd is the first warrior to get devirtualized on Lyoko.

What does Xana stand for?


Acronym Definition
XANA Extensible Applications Native Approach

Does William ever go to Lyoko?

As fighting on Lyoko becomes harder and harder and X.A.N.A. manages to force Aelita to delete the last of four Lyoko’s sectors, the group decides to let William join as the fifth backup on Lyoko.

Why did Xana possess William?

X.A.N.A. William is created in Final Round, where William becomes too cocky and ends up being possessed by the Scyphozoa. X.A.N.A. William is released by the Scyphozoa and then dropped on the ground, having his mind and body taken over by X.A.N.A.

Why was Lyoko created?

According to Franz Hopper’s diary, Lyoko and X.A.N.A. were originally meant to destroy Project Carthage, which was a military project designed to disrupt enemy communications. It began sometime in 1974. Franz Hopper left the project roughly 2 decades later.

How old is Jeremy Belpois?

Jeremy Belpois (in french Jérémie Belpois, pronounced as “Jerr-mee Bell-Pwah”) is one of the main protagonists of Code Lyoko, and a Lyoko-Warrior. Jeremie is 12 years old at the start of the series, but with the intellectual and scientific, gifted and talented mind of someone far beyond his years.

Does Jeremy go into Lyoko?

Jeremy Belpois is a member of Team Lyoko, and the brainiac always present. Jeremie has only gone to Lyoko (or attempted to) a few times because he is afraid of the scanners, despite the fact he operates them. However, he can overcome his fear if his friends and girlfriend are in danger. He is Aelita’s love interest.

Does Sissy go to Lyoko?

When Sissi was a member of the Lyoko Warriors for a brief period in X.A.N.A. Awakens, she did not want to go to Lyoko, and was very frightened at the thought of being virtualized. Sissi is also the first person to be dropped from the group after joining.

Is Yumi older than Ulrich?

Yumi Ishiyama is a highly valued member of the Lyoko Warriors. She is considered the maturest of the group, being a year older than the rest of them (beside William), and takes care of the younger members. She is both Ulrich’s and William’s romantic love interest, and Aelita Schaeffer’s closest friend.

How did Jeremy find Lyoko?

Jeremy Belpois, an 8th grade prodigy attending boarding school at Kadic Academy, discovers a quantum supercomputer in an abandoned factory near his school. Upon activating it, he discovers a virtual world called Lyoko with an artificially intelligent girl named Aelita trapped inside it.

Does Yumi like Ulrich?

Live-Action actor: Ulrich Stern is a member of the Lyoko Warriors, a student at Kadic Academy, and one of the five main characters of Code Lyoko. His romantic love interest is Yumi, whom he falls in love with during the series and often finds himself struggling with his romantic feelings for her.

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