What is the submittal process in construction?

What is the submittal process in construction?

The submittal process involves dozens of people submitting and approving product data, shop drawings, and closeouts to ensure that the building is being built according to the specifications.

How many days should be allowed for submittal review?

The best way to allow sufficient time for submittal review is to insist on an adequate duration during contract negotiation. A popular period is a minimum of 10 business days on average. The average time will allow you to bank review time from quickly reviewed submittals to use on those that take longer.

What does the submittal process affect?

This is one of the first steps that is taken by the contractor after execution of the construction contract and issuance of the “Notice to Proceed”. The submittal process affects cost, quality, schedule, and project success.

What are the types of submittals?

Submittals generally break down into four categories: Product and materials data, shop drawings, samples, and mock-ups.

What is a submittal review?

The submittal review process provides important system of checks and balances during the construction phase of a project. The purpose is to ensure that the end result conforms to the design intent depicted in the construction documents and meets the expectations of the owner.

What are the three types of submittals?

Submittals can be categorized as follows:

  • Preconstruction Submittals.
  • Construction Submittals.
  • Closeout and Maintenance Submittals.

Who is responsible to review all submittals before submitting to the government?

4. The primary responsibility for overall management and control of submittals lies with the contractor. B.

What should I look for during submittal review?

The contractor’s transmittal should list the applicable specification section number, title and paragraph number and drawing detail as references for the submittal. Without a transmittal you will be guessing at the scope of work covered by the submittal.

What is the difference between submission and submittal?

As nouns the difference between submittal and submission is that submittal is the act of submitting while submission is the act of submitting.

How do you do submittals?


  1. Navigate to the project’s Submittals tool.
  2. Click + Create > Submittal.
  3. Create a new submittal as follows: Add General Information. Update the Delivery Information. Create a Distribution List. Calculate Submittal Schedule Information (If Enabled) Apply a Submittal Workflow Template. Add Users to the Submittal Workflow.

Why are sample submittals needed?

Submittals are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products and quantities will be installed on the project in compliance with the design documents/contract documents.

Who should be involved in the review of submittals?

This important review process should be managed by someone familiar with the project and also knowledgeable of the type of construction for which submittals may be reviewed. A general contractor is typically required to prepare a schedule of submittals.

How does the submittal process work?

The submittal is logged into the approved tracking system. Contractor reviews and marks-up submittal. The general contractor performs a detailed review of the submittal, coordinating it with adjacent materials and systems, and marks up the submittal to indicate dimensional corrections and specific detail configurations.

What should I expect in the LEED submittal review process?

Expect a transitional period in the LEED Submittal Review Process No matter how well you spell everything out, be prepared for a transition period. There will be a number of submittals that go back and forth when you start out as you figure out how things should be working. 6. LEED Submittal Coversheets

What Certifications should be included in the submittal process?

Certifications related to codes and standards, structural capabilities, etc., should also be considered. The submittal review process provides important system of checks and balances during the construction phase of a project.

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