What is cardsharing with Sky Deutschland?

What is cardsharing with Sky Deutschland?

If you wish to watch top-rated German and British TV-channels and iconic entertainment and sport TV-shows, you may get connected to the Sky Deutschland on beneficial terms right now using cardsharing service. Cardsharing has been created specially for viewers wishing to watch the best European channels without overpaying to the satellite operators.

How to pay for cardsharing (card sharing) subscription?

What is Cardsharing (Card Sharing) and what are the ways to pay for cardsharing or extend sharing subscription. How to buy subscription. To begin with, it is required to register on the web-site and enter the billing using your login and password.

Which receivers support cardsharing?

The most widespread receivers supporting cardsharing: Dreambox (DM900 ultraHD, DM8000 HD PVR, DM820 HD, DM800 HD se, DM7080 HD, DM7020 HD, DM525 S2 CI slot, DM525 C/T2 CI slot, DM520 S2, DM520 C/T2, DM500 HD)

What is a control card sharing?

Card sharing, also known as control word sharing, is a method of allowing multiple clients or digital television receivers to access a subscription television network with only one valid subscription card.

Does Sky Deutschland have 3D channels?

Currently, Sky Deutschland offers the most popular channels manufactured by the British holding Sky. Among them, Sky Cinema HD, Sky Action HD, Sky Cinema Hits HD, movie and sport channels produced specially for German viewers. It wasn’t quite the end of it. In October, 2010, Sky Deutschland has started transmitting 3D TV-channel.

How much is Sky Deutschland per day?

Satellite position : 19E. Price per day: 0,14€. Price per month: 4,20€. Purchase Sky Deutschland just for 0,14€ per day Get Free Test. Earlier, the German satellite TV operator Sky Deutschland was knows as Premiere. Since 2006, the operator has introduced a full HD quality package to view in the area of Germany and Austria.

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