What is the shape of SbCl5?

What is the shape of SbCl5?

trigonal bipyramidal shape
SbCl(5) is found to have a trigonal bipyramidal shape in the liquid, while liquid WCl(6) consists of octahedral molecules.

Is SbCl5 molecular?

Antimony pentachloride is a chemical compound with the formula SbCl5. It is a colourless oil, but typical samples are yellowish due to dissolved chlorine….Antimony pentachloride.

Chemical formula Cl5Sb
Molar mass 299.01 g·mol−1
Appearance colorless or reddish-yellow (fuming) liquid, oily
Odor pungent, offensive

Is SbCl5 a liquid?

SbCl5 is found to have a trigonal bipyramidal shape in the liquid, while liquid WCl6 consists of octahedral molecules. The intermolecular structure of liquid SbCl5 and WCl6 seems to be determined largely by steric effects (excluded volume and molecular shape).

What is the name for SbCl5?

Antimony pentachloride

PubChem CID 24294
Structure Find Similar Structures
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula Cl5Sb or SbCl5
Synonyms ANTIMONY PENTACHLORIDE Antimony(V) chloride 7647-18-9 Pentachloroantimony Antimony perchloride More…

What is the Lewis structure for SbCl5?

SbCl5 (antimony pentachloride) has one antimony atom and five chlorine atoms. In the lewis structure of SbCl5, there are five single bonds around the antimony atom, with five chlorine atoms attached to it, and on each chlorine atom, there are three lone pairs.

Is BBr3 trigonal pyramidal?

The BBr3 molecule has a trigonal planar geometry shape because it contains three bromine atoms.

Why is SbCl5 a Lewis acid?

Lewis acid is a compound or ionic species which can accept an electron pair from a donor compound. The mono- and tetrahydrates are known, SbCl5·H2O SbCl5·4 H2O. This compound forms adducts with many Lewis bases.

What is the hybridization of SbCl5 2?

In [SbCl5]2- Sb is sp3d2 hybridized.

What is the shape of the secl5f molecule?

trigonal bipyramid
PCl 5 shape is trigonal bipyramidal. The molecular geometry of is PCl5 trigonal bipyramid.

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