What is the cost of an artificial disc?

What is the cost of an artificial disc?

As with most types of surgeries, the cost of anterior disc replacement (ADR) surgery will vary depending on where you live. On average it costs about $45,000, but in areas like New York or Boston it is closer to $100,000—about 80-85% of the cost of a spinal fusion.

What is the success rate of artificial disc replacement surgery?

Success rates with fusions performed for degenerative disc disease range in the literature between 65 and 93%. It has become the standard of care for discogenic pain and is often very effective in relieving pain.

How much does disc replacement surgery cost in Australia?

The average cost in Australian dollars for a surgical episode was $46,000 for a spinal fusion and $20,000 for a decompression. Two years post-fusion, only 19 % of people had returned to work at full capacity; 39 % after decompression.

How long will an artificial disc last?

Finally, the artificial disc must be very durable. The average age of a patient needing a lumbar disc replacement is about 35 years. This means that to avoid the need for revision surgery, the artificial disc must last at least 50 years.

Does Medicare pay for lumbar disc replacement?

History of Medicare Coverage. Medicare does not currently have a national coverage determination (NCD) on lumbar artificial disc replacement. Coverage for the procedure is overseen by local Medicare contractors. Medicare also does not have a NCD for other spinal surgeries for degenerative disc disease.

Who is a good candidate for lumbar disc replacement?

In general, lumbar disk replacement surgery might be recommended if: Your back pain mostly comes from only 1 or 2 disks in your lower spine. You have no significant joint disease or compression on the nerves of your spine. You are not excessively overweight.

Can they replace discs in your back?

Lumbar disk replacement involves replacing a worn or degenerated disk in the lower part of your spine with an artificial disk made of metal or a combination of metal and plastic. Lumbar disk replacement is generally seen as an alternative to the more common spinal fusion surgery.

Do disc replacements work?

Most patients can expect improvement of lower back pain and disability in weeks to months following surgery. Studies show that disk replacement improves, but does not completely eliminate pain. Before your surgery, it is important to talk with your surgeon about realistic expectations for pain relief.

Do artificial discs wear out?

Artificial disc replacement durability: Results of clinical trials. Most sources say that an artificial disc replacement lasts at least 10 years.

Who is eligible for disc replacement?

Artificial disc replacement may be recommended for patients between the ages of 18 and 60 with DDD at one or two levels of the spine whose condition has not responded to at least six previous months of non-surgical therapy.

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What is a prestige® artificial disc?

The Prestige® artificial disc is designed to allow the treated vertebrae to glide and twist against each other, preserving motion in the neck. All surgical procedures involve risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only.

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Does insurance cover artificial disc replacement surgery?

When it comes to surgery, your health insurance provider may or may not cover artificial disc replacement surgery or may place certain restrictions and requirements on the procedure that need to be met before they approve. Insurance for ADR: The Denial & Appeal Process

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