What is the best section to sit in at Wrigley Field?

What is the best section to sit in at Wrigley Field?

When searching for a comfortable seat at Wrigley, we recommend sticking to the areas where you’ll have a good natural line of sight to the infield, and close access from the concourse. Down the left field line fans can find some very good, and often affordable, options in the first 10 rows of Sections 202 and 204.

Where should you not sit at Wrigley Field?

It would be wise to not purchase any Cubs tickets past the rows in these sections. Rows 1-5 in sections 201-242 will be free of obstructions. The upper deck reserved seats should be avoided altogether if you don’t want an obstructed view seat. The area is made up of sections 503 to 538.

Which seats are covered at Wrigley Field?

During a day game, the bleachers are always in the sun as well as the 1st base line lower seats. As the game progresses. the 3rd base line lower seats slowly become shaded. Anything in sections 200,300,400,& 500 are covered.

How many seats are in a row at Wrigley Field?

Wrigley Field Seating Chart Seat Numbers If you glance at the seat numbers, you’ll notice that the spot furthest to the left is marked 101. The next several seats continue in numerical order (102, 103, 104, and so on). At the center of the row, this pattern changes. In a row with 12 seats, number 106 is followed by 6.

What seats did Ferris Bueller sit in at Wrigley?

Judging from the Wrigley Field seating chart, Ferris and his friends were sitting in section 140 or an adjacent section at Wrigley Field.

Where can kids sit at Wrigley Field?

This is a nice shady spot, and you can still see everything. Wrigley Field With Kids, Tip #1) Try Terrace Reserved Seats. You may want to sit in the Terrace Reserved sections (and avoid obstructed views), especially on hot summer days.

Which side of Wrigley gets sun?

Wrigley Field Orientation to the Sun Wrigley Field is situated with home plate facing to the northeast. During the summer months, the sun rises every morning from beyond the center field wall, slowly working its way across the southern side of the stadium during the course of the day.

What are aisle seats at Wrigley Field?

Al summarized this nicely last year: They chose an “Aisle” system. This meant, as you surely know if you’ve sat in the middle of any section of seats at Wrigley, that the seats to one side of the middle were numbered 1 through 19 (or so, some had more, some less), with the other side 101 through 119.

How many seats are in each section at Wrigley Field?

The Budweiser Patio gives Chicago Cubs fans the Wrigley ville rooftop experience inside the ballpark. On the Budweiser Patio, there are three areas for three different private groups. Each area has 32 seats and 18 standing room only tickets – accommodating approximately 50 fans.

Does Wrigley Field have handicap seating?

Accessible seating sections are located throughout the ballpark near an elevator, lift and/or ramp. Guests with mobility disabilities and up to three companions are encouraged to make their purchase in advance.

What baseball game did Ferris Bueller go to?

Braves-Cubs game
His memory will live on in a movie. The highlight of his foul ball in the 11th inning of a Braves-Cubs game on June 5, 1985 was used in a movie. Yes, Ferris Bueller caught it on his day off.”

Where did Harry Caray live in Chicago?

Caray went to live with his uncle John Argint and Aunt Doxie at 1909 LaSalle Avenue. Caray attended high school at Webster Groves High School.

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