How do I connect my iPhone to my computer for Internet via USB?

How do I connect my iPhone to my computer for Internet via USB?

How can I tether an iPhone to a PC via USB?

  1. Step 1: Download the latest version of iTunes for Windows on your PC, install the program and run it.
  2. Step 2: Activate the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone.
  3. Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your PC via the USB cable.

How do I use my iPhone as a hotspot for USB?


  1. Go to your iPhone’s on-screen Settings.
  2. Look for Personal Hotspot; or General, followed by Network, and finally Personal Hotspot.
  3. Tap on Personal Hotspot and then slide the switch to On.
  4. Then connect the iPhone to your laptop or tablet using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Can I use my iPhone to get Internet on my laptop?

If you’re out and about and there’s no free Wi-Fi available, you can use your iPhone’s internet connection on another device, like a laptop or tablet. This feature is called “Personal Hotspot” on the iPhone (also known as “tethering”), and you can use it over Wi-Fi or USB.

How can I share my iPhone Internet?

How to share your Wi-Fi password

  1. Make sure that your device (the one sharing the password) is unlocked and connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network on the device you want to connect.
  3. On your device, tap Share Password, then tap Done.

Can you share internet through USB?

1. How to Connect Mobile Internet to a PC With a USB Cable. Mobile phones have long had a modem feature, allowing you to hook up the device to your computer using USB tethering. This lets you share the mobile internet connection over a wired connection with your laptop or other devices.

How can I get Internet on my iPhone without Wi-Fi?

Connect iPhone to a cellular network

  1. Verify that your SIM is activated and unlocked. See Set up cellular service on iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings > Cellular.
  3. Verify that Cellular Data is turned on. On models with Dual SIM, tap Cellular Data, then verify the selected line. (You can choose only one line for cellular data.)

Can you hotspot through USB?

You can connect to a Personal Hotspot using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

How can I get Internet on my iPhone without WIFI?

How can I use my iPhone as a Wi-Fi adapter?

Simply plug your iPhone into your computer, open iTunes and click the “check for updates” button when the iPhone screen appears. In the iPhone’s settings menu, tap General > Network > Internet Tethering. Slide the Internet Tethering switch to On. To tether via USB, first connect your iPhone to your computer.

How can I share Internet from one phone to another?

You can share your phone’s data connection through USB, Wi‍-Fi, or Bluetooth. Go to Settings, tap More > Mobile network sharing, and then choose whether to share via USB tethering, Portable Wi‍-Fi hotspot, or Bluetooth tethering.

How can I share Internet from phone to phone?

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