What is residence questionnaire?

What is residence questionnaire?

The residence questionnaire is a request from Citizenship and Immigration Canada for very detailed additional information about the time you spent in Canada that was mentioned in your Canadian citizenship application.

What are the requirements to be a permanent resident in Canada?

Time Lived in Canada To keep your permanent resident status, you must have been in Canada for at least 730 days during the last five years. These 730 days don’t need to be continuous. Some of your time abroad may count towards the 730 days.

What is your current country territory of residence if you are presently in Canada you should select Canada?

If you are presently in Canada, you should select Canada: This is where you currently live. If you happen to be abroad for a short period of time (e.g. visiting a place), just select the country where you normally live.

How long can you stay out of Canada if you are a permanent resident?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will look back at your time in Canada over the previous 5 years. This means that you can spend a total of up to 3 years outside of Canada during a 5-year period.

What is RQ in Canadian citizenship?

If you have received a Residence Questionnaire, it is part of your application for Canadian citizenship. IRCC (formerly CIC) sends the RQ to applicants for citizenship who they suspect may not have met the residence requirement to become a Canadian citizen. There are many reasons why IRCC may have sent you the RQ.

How many years does it take to get PR in Canada?

How long will it take? The processing time for the PR visa is 5 to 8 months. However, the processing time depends on the program under which you made an application. So, if you applied under the CEC program your application will be processed within three to four months.

What is country of residence while booking ticket?

Your country of residence is the country in which you have citizenship or are a legal resident.

How do I know my country of residence?

It is associated with your citizenship. Your country of residence can be the same as your nationality if you live in that same country. However, if you have a visa or permit that gives you the right to live permanently in a country outside of your country of origin, that country will then be your country of residence.

How long can a Canadian citizen live outside Canada?

A Canadian can stay for up to 182 days per calendar year (without paying U.S. income tax). Visitors can stay for maximum of six months in each 12 months (not a calendar year, but counting backwards 12 months from your date of entry).

What is RQ in immigration?

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