What is pie crust in Germany?

What is pie crust in Germany?

Short crust pastry dough used for tarts and pies is called Mürbeteig, but may be a bit harder to find. Graham cracker crust lovers will be disappointed by their scarcity, but Leibniz Vollkorn crackers are a tolerable substitute.

What is a Kugen?

For children who grew up in Germans from Russia households, that special treat is kuchen, pronounced “ku-gen”, which is the German word for cake. Kuchen is a rich custard dessert with fruit poured into a sweet dough for the crust. Kuchen is kind of like a fruit pie or tart.

What is Hefekuchen?

Kuchen (pronounced “koo-ken”) is the German word for “cake,” but a real kuchen is so much more than that! Traditional kuchen is like a delicious mash-up of cake and pie, topped with creamy custard.

What is a kugan?

Kuchen literally means ‘cake’ in German and many popular versions of kuchen are made topped with fruit and a brown sugar mixture. This recipe is the best I’ve tried and is one of those cakes that’s easy to make and foolproof to impress.

What is shortening called in Germany?

American German
cream of tartar WeinsteinsŠure, Kaliumhydrogentartrat Not generally known in Germany; specialty item
Crisco® Markenname von Backfett (sehe: shortening) Palmin Soft® is a substitute, although I don’t know the water content. (Crisco has no water in it.) There is also vegetable fat sold in bars

What is puff pastry called in Germany?

Blätterteig is puff pastry, butter/fat-heavy and then appears layered as it cooks due to the layers of fat in the mix. Filo is different, it is thin sheets of pastry, contains no butter but is often brushed with melted butter to cook, can be built up in layers and so looks like puff pastry. Can also be spelt phyllo.

What is a Kuchin?

Kuchen (German pronunciation: [ˈkuːxən] ( listen)), the German word for cake, is used in other languages as the name for several different types of savory or sweet desserts, pastries, and gateaux. Most Kuchen have eggs, flour and sugar as common ingredients while also, but not always, including some fat.

What is a Sonker?

Although much debated, sonker is a deep-dish pie, juicier than cobbler, and typically served in a rectangular baking dish. It was a dessert large enough to feed a big family or farmhands who’d spent the day working in the fields. It was often baked in a bread pan that fit inside a wood-burning stove.

What do Germans call cream cheese?

Quark: German Soft Cheese.

What is heavy cream in Germany?

Schlagsahne is whipping cream and usually no need to add a fixative called sahnesteif.

What is the difference between torte and kuchen?

However, the word “cake” covers both Kuchen and Torte, sometimes confused with one another, the key difference being that a Torte is a Kuchen that is decorated or layered with cream, frosting, ganache, or fruit based filling after baking. A Kuchen is typically less decorative or fancy in nature.

What is a buckle dessert?

Buckles. A charmingly old-fashioned dessert that deserves a comeback, a buckle is a single-layer cake with berries or cut-up fruit in the batter, giving it a “buckled,” or indented, appearance.

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