What is Bon Bon chocolate?

What is Bon Bon chocolate?

A bon bon is a molded chocolate shell with creamy ganache center and a Truffle is a rolled piece of ganache dusted with cocoa powder or nuts for example.

What is the difference between a truffle and a bonbon?

A proper truffle is typically filled with ganache, a delicious mixture of cream and chocolate. Bonbons, on the other hand, can be filled with chocolate mixed with fruit puree, caramel, nut pastes, and so on.

Are bon bons still made?

Hershey’s Bon Bons were discontinued in June 1985.

How do I make my bon bons shiny?

Melt the cocoa butter and white chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments to prevent burning. Bring the temperature down to 91ºF (33ºC) and add 1% of cocoa butter paste (See Christophe’s tempering chocolate recipe) to temper the cocoa butter. This will make the bonbons shinier!

Is bonbon a girl or boy?

Trivia. Bonnet is the 1st incarnation of Bonnie to be female. She is pink because of her gender while her male counterpart Bon Bon is blue.

What is praline and bonbon?

Where a bonbon is a chocolate-based confection, a praline is merely a chocolate shell filled with something, anything that’s sweet.

What happened to bon bons?

BonBons is name of a frozen treat originally released by Carnation and later by The Nestle Co. it consist of bite size nuggets of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate. Although popular in the mid 1980s and into the 1990s, they were eventually replaced with a similar product called Dibs.

Do bon bons have alcohol?

All of our Bons get coated with an edible lacquer spray to keep the Bons looking glossy, cute, and put together. Well this lacquer spray that we use, has ethanol in it AKA alcohol.

How do you make chocolate gloss high?

Warm the chocolate gently to 86 degrees for dark or 84 degrees for milk and white. Hold it at this temperature for a few minutes, then warm up to 91-92 degrees for dark (87-89 degrees for milk or white).

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