What is a prefix that means three?

What is a prefix that means three?

prefix tri-
The English prefix tri-, derived from both Greek and Latin, means “three.” Some common English vocabulary words that contain this prefix include triathlon, trio, and triangle.

What is a 3 letter word for exist?

Exist Crossword Clue

Answer Letters
AM 2
Exist with 3 Letters

What is a 3 letter word that means because?

3 letter words CUZ – FOR – NOW.

What does the prefix non mean?

Definition of non- 1 : not : other than : reverse of : absence of nontoxic nonlinear. 2 : of little or no consequence : unimportant : worthless nonissues nonsystem. 3 : lacking the usual especially positive characteristics of the thing specified noncelebration nonart.

What words have the prefix tri?

Terms in this set (10)

  • triathlon (n) a race that combines three activities-swimming, bycycling, & running.
  • triceratops (n) a dinosaur with 3 horns-two long horns above the eyes and one short horn on the nose.
  • tricycle (n)
  • trilateral (adj)
  • trilingual (adj)
  • trilogy (n)
  • trio (n)
  • tripod (n)

What is a four letter word for go away?

Go away Crossword Clue

Answer Letters
Go away with 4 Letters

What 3 letter word starts with a?

What are the 3 Letter Words Starting with A? The 3 Letter Words Starting with A are ant, act, ant, ate, air, ask, arc, art, aid, ago, are, aim, add, etc.

What is the prefix of not proper?

inappropriate Add to list Share. The word “appropriate” means correct or proper and since the little prefix “in” turns its meaning around, something inappropriate is considered not proper or suitable.

What prefix means not or opposite of?

For example, the prefix un- (or u-n) can mean “not,” “remove,” or “opposite.” Adding un- to the word “happy” gives you the word “unhappy,” which means not happy. U-n and r-e (or re-) are the two most common prefixes in the English language.

What are words with the prefix non?

Review (Answers)

  • nonconformist. = non + conformist.
  • nonsmoker. = non + smoker.
  • nonfiction. = non + fiction.
  • nonscheduled. = non + scheduled.
  • noncommitted. = non + committed.
  • nonpayment. = non + payment.
  • nonalcoholic. = non + alcoholic.
  • nonnuclear. = non + nuclear.

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