Is the Condamine Gorge road open?

Is the Condamine Gorge road open?

Condamine River Road was reopened on 27 January 2021. The road has been inspected and the crossings cleared of any debris. This area is a natural treasure and the public road is a delicate part of the Cambanoora Gorge ecosystem, so please treat the area with respect. And remember; if it is flooded, forget it!

Is the Condamine River Road closed?

Due to safety concerns for road users on the river crossings, the Condamine River Road remains closed, with the gate at Killarney re-locked from midday, January 6th, 2021.

Why is Condamine River Road closed?

Condamine River Road at Killarney remains closed to traffic due to significant damage sustained to the creek crossings from the recent flood event associated with Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Where does the Condamine track start?

To commence the route from Boonah, start opposite the Police Station, travel out from Boonah along Rathdowney Road and turn right at Carney’s Creek Road. Travel out approximately 12 kilometres to cross Teviot Brook floodway and then turn right to The Head. The low road is Condamine Gorge.

Is Condamine River Road Open 2020?

MEDIA ALERT – Condamine River Road Killarney closed 15 December 2020. Due to safety concerns for road users on the river crossings, the Condamine River Road gates at Killarney have been closed. Access to Killarney via Boonah is still available through Spring Creek Road.

Is the road from Toowoomba to Warwick open?

Both highways are open north of Warwick, to Brisbane and Toowoomba. Remember if the road is closed, do not attempt to drive past the signs in place.

Is the Pacific Highway open?

All lanes of the M1 Pacific Motorway are now open between Tintenbar and the Queensland border.

How long is the Condamine River Road?

Condamine River Road is a spectacular drive near Killarney in southern Queensland, Australia. With a length of 20,7km only, this track crosses the Condamine River 14 times.

What date does the Gibb River Road open?

will not fully open up until 1st May 2020. Be aware of fauna and wandering stock on and near all roads i‚Äčn the Kimberley Region.

Is the Gibb River Road open now?

Gibb River Road is typically open from April to December, however you will also need to check if the side roads to the attractions are open to really make your trip worthwhile.

Is Toowoomba Bypass a toll road?

Yes, the Tooowoomba Bypass is a toll road and all vehicles that use the Toowoomba Bypass must pay a toll.

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