What is a 1969 912 Porsche worth?

What is a 1969 912 Porsche worth?

1969 Porsche 912 Pricing and Specs. The Porsche 912 1969 prices range from $14,300 for the basic trim level Coupe 912 (base) to $22,990 for the top of the range Coupe 912 Targa.

How much is Porsche 912 worth?

A: The average price of a Porsche 912 – SWB is $47,285.

What is the difference between a Porsche 911 and a Porsche 912?

In terms of looks and technology, the 912 was virtually identical to the 911. Unlike the 911, however, it was powered by the 1.6-litre flat-four engine from the 356 SC at the rear.

What years did Porsche make the 912?

Porsche introduced the 912 to the U.S. market at the New York Auto Show in September of 1965, but the model did not become widely available until early 1966. Through 1967 the 912 outsold the 911 by a margin of 2-to-1.

How many Porsche 912s are left?

With only 2,092 built, its one year-only model run, and the desirable qualities inherited from contemporary 911s, the 912E is one of the more collectible four-cylinder Porsches. Based on 912 Registry member Aric Gless’s research, over half of the 2,092 cars are still in use.

How much is a 1968 Porsche worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Coupe $95,200
Coupe $35,320
Coupe $94,600
Targa $89,400

Which is better Porsche 911 or 912?

The 912E has the same chassis as the 911 and therefore handles much like the 911. But with less power and less weight behind the rear axle, the 912E is more forgiving and less prone to sudden oversteer than the 911.

What kind of car is the 1969 Porsche 911 912?

Read More 1969 911/912 built into a GT2 Racecar by Kevin Bucklers The Racers Group.All documentation included with build invoices from The Racers Group as well as much documentation from Wright Motorspo… Read More

What are the different types of Porsche 912S for sale?

Today when looking at Porsche 912s for sale you’ll have many options including coupe, and targa top, carbureted or fuel injected.

How rare is a 912 Targa?

Targa models represent a relatively small slice of the 912 pie (less than 10 percent), and are today relatively rare. Even more rare are 912 Targas that came with the soft rear window, which was very similar to that found in convertibles.

What kind of rear window does a 1968 Porsche Targa have?

The fixed glass rear window most people associate with the Porsche Targa was an option for ’68, though it would later be the only choice in Targa-top Porsches.

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