What does tokens name mean in South Park?

What does tokens name mean in South Park?

His name comes from the phrase “token minority”, typically used to describe non-Caucasian persons thrown into small roles in TV shows and movies for the sole purpose of character diversity.

What did Stan think token was named after?

Stan invites Token and his parents, Steve and Linda Black, to the farm for dinner. During the meal, it is revealed that Token’s first name is actually Tolkien, in honor of J.R.R. Tolkien. This comes to the surprise of Stan, who learns that he was the only one in his class who did not know this.

Why did South Park change tokens name?

“The Big Fix” even breaks the fourth wall to drive the joke home, as Stan’s pediatrician looks into the camera and demands to know if “anyone else” had “really thought a couple of Black people had a child and named him Token.” This shift in blame acknowledges South Park’s past mistakes in an intriguing yet funny way.

Why did Cartman shoot token?

Token being shot towards the end of the episode was originally going to be expanded into a permanent death because The Simpsons had done a similar story, but it was quickly decided against because Parker and Stone “love having Token around”.

What does token mean in slang?

phrase​showing disapproval. DEFINITIONS1. someone who is included in a group to make people believe that the group is trying to be fair and include all types of people when this is not really true. Synonyms and related words.

What does token mean black?

What is the token black person? The token is not supposed to be your everyday black person. The token is the good black person. You know, the black person that doesn’t adhere to all the negative stereotypes of black people. People of other races feel a little less threatened by him.

What happened to Stans voice?

An old South Park Q&A session revealed that the show utilizes the audio program Pro Tools to work on the vocals for each character. When the show first started, Trey used no technological help to alter his voice, but that changed as time went on.

Is token dead in South Park?

They done shot Token. Just a matter of time the black kid on #SouthPark dies from police brutality. RIP TOKEN.

What episode of South Park does token get shot?

“The Pandemic Special”. Comedy Central.

What is token wife?

the practice of making only a token effort or doing no more than the minimum, esp in order to comply with a law.

What is token woman?

“token women” as women who may be unqualified to hold jobs in, for example, the male- dominated building trades and are hired “primarily because they are women.”

What is a token kid?

The token Black kid is when you are the only Black kid in a sea full of white kids. The thing about being a token Black kid is that it makes you responsible for your entire race. Your actions equal the actions of your race, and any questions about your race, you are responsible for answering.

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