Is Holland hot in the summer?

Is Holland hot in the summer?

Average summer temperature Generally, Dutch summers are warm, but not too hot. The average temperature in the Netherlands during summer is 17,0C. From 1981-2010, the average amount of rain that fell in the Netherlands adds up to 219,6mm, whilst the average amount of sunshine comes to 587,6 hours.

What season is August in Netherlands?

August is midsummer in the Netherlands and that brings good weather and plenty of visitors. You won’t have the country to yourself during this month, but if you want to get outdoors and enjoy cycling along coastal paths or between picturesque windmills, August is a great time to do it.

What is the driest month in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a country that boasts a typical maritime climate with mild summers and cold winters. Wind and rain are common throughout most of the year with July and August being the wettest months. March is the driest month of the year.

How hot does Holland get in the summer?

In short, the Dutch summer is similar to that of London. On average, the maximum temperature hovers around 22/23 °C (72/73 °F) in much of the country and around 21 °C (70 °F) on the coast, and it normally reaches 30/32 °C (86/90 °F) only two or three days per month.

What is the coldest month in Netherlands?

Climate – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Month Min (°C) Mean (°F)
October 8 52.2
November 4 44.9
December 2 39.9
Year 6.9 51

What is the best month to go to Netherlands?

The best time to visit the Netherlands is in June, or between September and November, when the leaves change and the foods and beers of the festive season emerge. You’ll get the best balance of value, quiet, and activities during these times, and temperatures are pleasant, ranging from 48 to 66°F.

Is Holland cold in August?

Amsterdam is really never too hot or cold this time of year. However, the weather is quite volatile, alternating between mild, sunny days and chilly, overcast days throughout the month of August, with an average of 11 days of rain.

What is the coldest month in Amsterdam?

The cool season lasts for 3.8 months, from November 20 to March 13, with an average daily high temperature below 48°F. The coldest month of the year in Amsterdam is January, with an average low of 34°F and high of 42°F.

Is Amsterdam hot in August?

Amsterdam weather in August is very warm and sunny with just a few showers scattered throughout the month. While the climate is very warm in the summer, it’s never too hot. This makes the city ideal for a summer holiday that you can really enjoy without feeling too tired because of the heat or humidity.

Is the Netherlands warmer than the UK?

In general, the climate in the Netherlands is slightly warmer with drier summers, and colder, slightly drier winters than we experience in the south east of England.

Is August a good time to visit the Netherlands?

Netherlands: Best Time to Visit July and August are the peak months for visitors. The weather overall is never severely cold or hot as the temperatures are influenced by the North Sea (the Netherlands has a maritime climate). The most rain falls in the winter and it can feel damp and chilly.

Is August a good time to visit Amsterdam?

June-August With average highs in the low 70s and long sunny days, it takes no leap of the imagination to see why Amsterdam is so popular in the summertime. But along with hospitable weather, Amsterdam fills with tourists packing the popular sites.

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