Is Heath a nice area in Cardiff?

Is Heath a nice area in Cardiff?

Best known to the wider world for its hospital, Heath is beloved of many a Cardiffian for its central location and large park. As Christian Amodeo discovers, Heath represents a ‘High Level’ of suburb to many an aspiring homeowner. There’s something homely about Heath: safe, central, orderly, and unpretentious.

How big is Heath Cardiff?

37 hectare
About Heath Park The 37 hectare (91 acre) park provides sport and play facilities for all ages, but also contains woodland areas, ponds and wetland which are habitat for a wide range of plants and wildlife. Heath Park is one of Cardiff’s Green Flag parks.

When were houses in Heath Cardiff built?

Apart from the farms the only buildings in the district were a few cottages and Heathfield House, later known as ‘Heath House’. This property was built by the Reverend W. Price Lewis in the mid 1840’s, which added to the Lewis family’s expansive estate on the Heath.

How many parks are there in Cardiff?

47 public
Promoted Stories. The Welsh capital’s 391 spaces include 49 playing fields, 47 public parks or gardens and 98 “play spaces”.

What did the Romans call Cardiff?

The Roman fort established by the River Taff, which gave its name to the city—Caerdydd, earlier Caerdyf, from caer (fort) and Taf—was built over an extensive settlement that had been established by the Silures in the 50s AD.

What is the population of Heath Cardiff?


Name Status Population Estimate 2020-06-30
Heath (Y Mynydd Bychan) Ward 12,737
Heath (Y Mynydd Bychan) 12,737 Population [2020] – Estimate 3.149 km² Area 4,045/km² Population Density [2020] 0.090% Annual Population Change [2011 → 2020]
Wales (Cymru) Constituent Country 3,169,586

Who runs the Heath House?

Mr Ben Philips
Since our last visit to Heath House, the owner Mr Ben Philips has begun to restore the gardens and turned the house into one of the premier wedding venues in the country. Even if you have visited before, another visit will only add to your appreciation of this beautiful Regency/Victorian house.

What is the biggest park in Cardiff?

Bute Park
Bute Park (Welsh: Parc Bute) or its full name Bute Park and Arboretum (Welsh: Barc a Gardd Goed Bute), is a major park in the city of Cardiff, capital of Wales. It comprises 130 acres (53 ha) of landscaped gardens and parkland that once formed the grounds of Cardiff Castle.

Why is it called Cardiff Arms Park?

Early history of the site The hotel was built by Sir Thomas Morgan, during the reign of Charles I. Cardiff Arms Park was named after this hotel. From 1803, the Cardiff Arms Hotel and the Park had become the property of the Bute family.

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