What is the longest game in MLB playoff history?

What is the longest game in MLB playoff history?

seven hours, 20 minutes
In the longest postseason game, in terms of time, in MLB history (seven hours, 20 minutes), the Dodgers beat the Red Sox on a Muncy walk-off home run in the 18th inning to cut their Series deficit to 2-1. The two clubs combined to use 18 pitchers and 46 players overall in the contest, both postseason records.

What is the record for most home runs in a single postseason?

1) Randy Arozarena (2020 Rays): 10 The 25-year-old outfielder set an MLB rookie record when he smashed his seventh home run of the postseason in Game 7 of the ALCS against the Astros, and then set a new MLB record for homers in one postseason with his ninth in World Series Game 4 against the Dodgers.

Has any MLB team ever made the playoffs with a losing record?

Pandemic playoffs: Brewers, Astros in despite losing record The only other team in major league history to reach the playoffs with a losing record was the 1981 Kansas City Royals — at 50-53 overall, they made it by winning the second half in a strike-split season.

What is the most runs scored in a postseason game?

23 runs
The Boston Red Sox have scored the most runs by a team in a postseason game, with 23 runs in Game 4 of the 1999 ALDS against the Indians.

Who has the most HR in the postseason?

Here are MLB’s postseason HR leaders

  • 1) Manny Ramírez: 29 HR.
  • 2) Jose Altuve: 23 HR.
  • 3) Bernie Williams: 22 HR.
  • 4) Derek Jeter: 20 HR. Jeter’s postseason batting average (.
  • T-5) Albert Pujols: 19 HR.
  • T-5) George Springer: 19 HR.
  • T-7) Reggie Jackson: 18 HR.
  • T-7) Mickey Mantle: 18 HR.

Who has the most strikeouts in the postseason?

Brown shut out the Astros for eight innings at the Astrodome, allowing just two hits and striking out 16 (including Jeff Bagwell once and Craig Biggio twice), the most by anyone in a postseason game since Gibson and the Division Series record.

Has anyone ever swept a World Series?

There have been twenty-one World Series sweeps in Major League history. The American League has won / swept thirteen Fall Classics. The National League has won / swept eight Fall Classics.

Who has the most home runs in a postseason game?

11 players have gone deep 3 times in a single postseason game

  • Albert Pujols, Cardinals.
  • Adrian Beltre, Rangers.
  • Adam Kennedy, Angels.
  • George Brett, Royals.
  • Reggie Jackson, Yankees.
  • Bob Robertson, Pirates. Game 2, 1971 NLCS vs.
  • Babe Ruth, Yankees. Game 4, 1928 World Series vs.
  • Babe Ruth, Yankees. Game 4, 1926 World Series vs.

Which team has the most home runs in the postseason?

The Red Sox have already tied their franchise record for the most home runs hit in a single postseason with 20, matching their total from the 2003 postseason.

What MLB team has the most playoff appearances?

New England Patriots: 6

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 6
  • San Francisco 49ers: 5
  • Dallas Cowboys: 5
  • Green Bay Packers: 4
  • New York Giants: 4
  • What is the best MLB regular season record?

    Oakland A’s. 23/30.…

  • Minnesota Twins. 24/30.…
  • Tampa Bay Rays. 25/30.…
  • New York Yankees. 26/30.…
  • Chicago White Sox. 27/30. 2020 record: 35-25.…
  • Atlanta Braves. 28/30. 2020 record: 35-25.…
  • San Diego Padres. 29/30. 2020 record: 37-23.…
  • Los Angeles Dodgers. 30/30. 2020 record: 43-17.
  • What MLB player has most playoff appearances?

    Derek Jeter: 200. The gap between Mr.

  • Bernie Williams: 128. Williams had quite a run with the Yankees in the postseason,hitting .275-22-80 over 121 career games.
  • Manny Ramirez: 117.
  • Jorge Posada: 103.
  • Kenny Lofton: 97.
  • Chipper Jones: 97.
  • Albert Pujols: 90.
  • Yadier Molina: 90.
  • David Justice: 89.
  • David Ortiz: 88.
  • Who has the most home runs in MLB playoffs history?

    The record for most home runs in MLB playoffs history belongs to Manny Ramirez, while the mark for most in a single playoffs is held by Randy Arozarena. Every year of MLB playoffs is an

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