Is FileNet in the cloud?

Is FileNet in the cloud?

Content services with management, governance, and analytics capabilities. This Quick Start automatically deploys a production-ready instance of IBM FileNet Content Manager on the AWS Cloud into a virtual private cloud (VPC) that spans multiple Availability Zones.

Is FileNet a SAAS?

Moving to the cloud can involve two types of platforms: Software as a Service (SAAS) – a providers’ ECM cloud environment where the provider offers software and infrastructure maintenance. e.g., FileNet with IBM’s cloud or Documentum/OpenText with their own proprietary SAAS environment.

What is the use of IBM FileNet?

FileNet P8 enables you to streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content, and automate records management to help meet compliance needs. At the core of the platform are repository services for capturing, managing, and storing your business-related digital assets.

What is the latest version of FileNet?

IBM FileNet P8 Platform Documentation, Version 5.5. x

Plan and Prepare Your Environment for IBM FileNet P8, V5.5.0 (GC19-3955-05) 12/2017
IBM FileNet P8 Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide, V5.5.0 (GC19-3885-05) 12/2017
IBM FileNet P8 Security Guide, V5.2.1 (GC19-3916-05) 12/2017

What is FileNet image services?

IBM® FileNet® Image Services helps your organization store and manage large volumes of fixed information with high availability to users. The services provide fast, security-rich access to enterprise content and documents.

What is workflow in FileNet?

A workflow system is a collection of isolated regions. An isolated region contains the queues, rosters, and event logs that are necessary to create and process workflows. A workflow system uses the same database connection and schema as the object store with which it is associated.

How do I access FileNet?

Access FileNet P8 using integrated Office applications

  1. In the Logon window, enter your user name and password. If your administrator has configured single-sign on capability, where your Windows login information is used to log on to FileNet P8, you will not see this window.
  2. If necessary, enter the web address.

When did IBM acquire FileNet?


Industry Computer software
Founded 1982
Fate Acquired by IBM (2006)
Number of locations Costa Mesa, California, Paris, France and Wimbledon Village (later Stockley Park), England and Bad Homburg, Germany and Sydney, Australia.
Key people Lee Roberts, CEO Ted Smith, Chairman and Founder

What is FileNet Content Engine?

Content Platform Engine is a FileNet® P8 component that is designed to handle the heavy demands of a large enterprise. It can manage enterprise-wide workflow objects, custom objects, and documents by offering powerful and easy-to-use administration tools.

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