How much horsepower does a 3406E cat have?

How much horsepower does a 3406E cat have?

“Driveability is tremendous with the 600-hp engine, even when carrying a heavy load.” The new 3406E is loaded with a long list of special features that allow it to stand out on the job. Cat is offering the new engine as a powerplant with a million-mile life to overhaul.

Is a cat 3406E a good engine?

The E was the first successful fully electronic motor. And boy, was it successful. The 3406E was one of the best engines that Caterpillar produced. They have the reliability that older, mechanical engines have, but also have the benefits of being an electrical motor.

What is the difference between a 3406E and C15?

The C15 was made to improve on the 3406E. One of the key improvements is that C15 engines see oil leakage less frequently than the 3406E.

What liter is a 3406E Cat engine?

Caterpillar 3406E, 14.6L Torque & Engine Specifications. Free Shipping on orders over $1500 & on select parts!

How much oil does a 3406E cat hold?

Basically, 8 gallons in the oil pan to the FULL mark and then check the dipstick(truck parked on level surface). Remark the dipstick if necessary. The last gallon (9th) is the volume for the new, empty oil filter (once you start the engine).

How much oil does a 3406E hold?

3406 (92U), 3406B (7FB, 8TC, 4MG, 5YG, 3ZJ, 5KJ), 3406C (3ZJ, 5KJ, 8PN), 3406E (5EK) Truck Engines Except 3406B (2EK) PEEC And 3406C (4CK) Electronic Engines Equipped With Front Sump Oil Pan The approved oil capacity for the above truck engines has been increased to 40 quarts or 10 gallons.

How heavy is a 3406E Cat engine?

A dry weight of 6,819 pounds is the maximum weight of 3406 without the addition of any engine accessories.

What year is a 6NZ Cat?

What year was the 6NZ made? 2002 down. 6NZ engine designation. The MBN isthe “bridge” engine before the Acert.

How big is a 3406 Cat?

Size and Weight The 3406 has a total dry weight of 6,819 pounds without any engine accessories installed. Measuring from the end of the engine to the end of the flywheel housing, the length of the engine is 117.28 inches while the overall width is 39.22 inches. It has a total height that measures out to 58.04 inches.

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