How can I improve my online profile?

How can I improve my online profile?

Here are 5 tips for getting your online profile in shape:Make yourself findable.Keep your profile up-to-date. Got a new job or qualification? Be consistent.List your achievements. Don’t be afraid to list your accomplishments. Grow your network.

How can I improve my status?

How to Get High Social Value and High Social StatusUse smooth body movements. Keep eye contact. Use a confident, calm voice. Take responsibility for the group. Speak less and summarize others when you do. Avoid explaining yourself because of insecurity. Be comfortable with taking up space. Avoid saying things to seek approval.

How do you write a good profile about yourself?

Follow these guidelines to create a personal bio that could catch the attention of prospective employers: Introduce yourself. Keep it concise. Use third person….Edit thoroughly.Introduce yourself. Keep it concise. Use third person. Write strategically. Include your contact information. Edit thoroughly.

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