How many hills are in Velliangiri?

How many hills are in Velliangiri?

7 hills
The hills comprising 7 hills and forming part of Western Ghats range has an elevation of around 6000 feet. The hills are referred as the “Thenkailayam”- Kailash of the South”.

Which of the following is called as the Southern Kailash?

Coimbatore, India Vellingiri Hills, a chain of 7 mountains is also called the kailash of South and is the adobe of Lord Shiva.

Can we stay in Velliangiri Hills?

Night stay is possible. The climate in the 7th hill is unpredictable.

Which God is in Velliangiri Hills?

Deity Shiva
The Velliangiri Mountains, (Tamil: வெள்ளியங்கிரி மலை) a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, are situated at the Western Ghats of Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu….

Velliangiri Mountains
District Coimbatore
Deity Shiva
Festivals Tamil New year, Chitra Pournami, Karthikai Deepam

Are ladies allowed in Velliangiri?

Velliangiri Andavar Temple Trail Velliangiri mountains are one of the most difficult trekking spots. “Women Between 10 to 50 age are Not allowed”. Although you can Pray in the temple but aren’t allowed to climb the mountain. Best time to trek- The trekking season is from February till May every year.

Why has no one climbed Mt Kailash?

Trekking all the way up to the peak of Mount Kailash is held to be a forbidden act among Hindus for the fear of trespassing the sanctity of the mountain and disturbing the divine energies residing there. As per a Tibetan lore, a monk named Milarepa once ventured far enough to reach the top of Mount Meru.

How long will it take to climb Velliangiri?

Velliangiri is famous for the seven hills trek. To complete the first hill it would take 30–45 mins if you trek nonstop, probably one of the hardest hills out of the seven. It will all be steps, steps, and steps. Once you reach the first hill, you would find shops where they sell a lot of eateries and drinks.

Why girls are not allowed in Velliangiri Hills?

At certain temples, like the Velliangiri hill temple, women are prevented from going up the mountain, as the path goes through dense forest that was rich in wildlife in the past, and it was considered unsafe for women to take this journey.

Is girls allowed in Velliangiri?

The hill ranges have abundant natural resources, which include rare herbs. Lord Panchalingesa and his Consort Manonmani amman alias Parvathi, bestow their grace on the devotees who throng here annually between February and May. Women between 10 and 50 years of age are not permitted to climb up the mountains.

What is the best time to visit Velliangiri Hills?

The best time to visit Velliangiri Hills is October – April, giving you a taste of pleasant winter. While the weather is great here throughout the year, summers here are not as scenic as October – April. It still makes for a great summer get away but should be avoided during the monsoons.

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