How much glucose do you add to the media?

How much glucose do you add to the media?

We usually work on litres of media (4 to 8 L), for which we need 30 to 50 g glucose. If we add solid glucose then there are chances of contamination. Should we use microfilters? Microfilters are very expensive.

What is the difference between RPMI and DMEM?

RPMI is a media used widely to culture mammalian cells in suspension culture. DMEM is a modified type of basal medium, with increased amino acid and vitamin concentrations up to a fourfold. DMEM is used in culturing cells in adherent cultures.

Why is glucose added to tissue culture medium?

The process is called mutarotation. Glucose is very soluble and chemically stable in normal physiological solutions and media. However, glucose is a reducing sugar that participates in Schiff base formation and Amadori rearrangements that cause protein glycation and carbonyl stress in cell culture.

Can 20% glucose be autoclaved?

Glucose should not subjected to autoclave, because they very rapidly convert to 2 molecules of milk acid. Only filter-sterlization.

How do you make a 20 percent glucose solution?


  1. Weight out 20g of glucose (dextrose)
  2. Add to 70ml of H2O.
  3. Dissolve by stirring. May use some heat.
  4. Once the sugar has dissolved, bring the volume of the mix up to 100ml total.
  5. Autoclave.

Why is FBS used in cell culture?

The primary use of FBS is a supplement for in vitro cell culture. Its unique biological makeup promotes rapid cell growth, thus making it a product that yields a high efficacy.

Can I use RPMI instead of DMEM?

Immune cells however have a tendency to activate in presence of Ca+ ions so DMEM normal glucose is usually best option for them. RPMI is more different in composition but also shuld be suitable for the majority of cancer cell lines.

What is the difference between MEM and MEM Alpha?

MEM α is a modification of Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) that contains non-essential amino acids, sodium pyruvate, lipoic acid, vitamin B12, biotin, and ascorbic acid. MEM α is available without nucleosides for use as a selection medium for DG44 and other DHFR-negative cells. This product is made with Earle’s salts.

Is the most commonly used medium in PTC?

MS medium is widely used in PTC because of its having balanced nutrients and most of the crops are grown well.

How much glucose is in a cell?

The amount of glucose in cell culture formulations ranges from 1 g/L (5.5 mM) to as high as 10 g/L (55 mM). Many classical media are supplemented with approximately 5.5 mM D-glucose which approximates normal blood sugar levels in vivo.

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