How long is a spool of wallpaper border?

How long is a spool of wallpaper border?

5 yards long
Lord of the Rings Wallpaper Border; NIB- 5 yards long per spool.

How do you put a border on a wallpaper?

Begin by hanging the first strip at a corner, overlapping the border onto the adjacent wall about an inch or less. You’ll trim it later. Use the ceiling as a guide to hang the wallpaper border level if you’re doing a top border. The paper should rest right below the ceiling and not overlap.

Can you paint over wallpaper borders?

You can prime right over the wallpaper border, but you need to make sure that you are using plenty of paint. There is some thickness to paint, and we will use that to our advantage. The bit of thickness can help fill the gaps around the edges of the wallpaper border.

How many feet is a roll of wallpaper border?

fifteen feet
Expect one roll of wallpaper to be about twenty-seven square feet, and one roll of trim/border to be about fifteen feet long.

What is the width of wallpaper border?

A general rule of thumb is to create a border with a width that matches your wall height. As an example, for an 8′ high ceiling, use an 8″ border. We typically provide panels between 12-15 linear feet for easier handling and installation.

Can you wallpaper border over wallpaper border?

If you are hanging the border over a previous layer of wallpaper, you’ll need a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive backing instead of the standard prepasted adhesive. Either use a border prepasted with vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive, or apply the adhesive yourself, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How do you put a border on a wall?

Using a ruler or a yardstick, measure down from the ceiling to where you want the top of the border to be and place a pencil mark on the wall. Then hold up a level to this mark and trace a horizontal line along the wall. Continue this process, around the room to create a guideline.

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