How long does a Braun Series 7 blade last?

How long does a Braun Series 7 blade last?

every 18 months
We therefore recommend replacing the shaver head every 18 months, to keep your shave to a few strokes and reset your electric shaver to new.

Is Braun Series 9 better than 7?

Cutting actions per minute: Our Braun series 7 vs 9 speed measure, the CAM paints a significant contrast. While Series 7 fares with a good score of 30,000 cutting actions, Series 9 blows it out of the water with 33% more at 40,000 CAM. Basically, this means you’re getting a faster and closer shave.

How often should I clean my Braun Series 7?

Braun says using the cleaning station every day gives you about 30 cycles. Even if you don’t use it, the liquid will evaporate within 2 months.

Is it worth upgrading from a Braun Series 7 to 9?

While the Series 7 was quite good with longer hairs, the Series 9/Pro is even better and will easily get those stray, wiry hairs that would normally require repetitive strokes and often cause your shaving sessions to take longer. Winner: the Braun Series 9/Series 9 Pro.

When did the Braun Series 7 come out?

Released in 2010, the Braun series 7 is definitely the grandfather of electric shavers. The design remains relatively unchanged since it’s original release over 5 years ago.

How does the Braun series 7 7865cc rank on Expert Reviews?

In our analysis of 103 expert reviews, the Braun Series 7 7865cc placed 0th when we looked at the top 16 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below . Braun has some of the best gifts for men. Why not treat him to an electric shaver that reads and adapts to his beard, with built-in Responsive Intelligence for a close and gentle shave.

What is the Braun series 7 760cc electric foil Shaver?

The Braun Series 7 760cc-4 electric foil shavers have the world’s only intelligent Sonic technology that automatically increases power in difficult areas. Powered by a lithium ion battery, the Braun Series 7 760cc electric shaver is the smart choice for the discerning man.

What makes the Braun series 7 electric razor for men special?

The Braun Series 7 electric razor for men provides a highly efficient and superior shave. Using a combination of unique technologies, each stroke captures more hairs for thorough results in less time. 1. Intelligent Sonic technology: Automatically increases power in difficult areas or on a denser beard.

How long does the Braun series 7 last?

Made in Germany with German craftsmanship to last up to 7 years. Exceptional shaving results combining both closeness and skin comfort, the Braun Series 7 uses its innovative shaving technology with intelligent features to capture more hair in one stroke allowing it to be powerful yet gentle to your skin.

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