What is CD11c a marker for?

What is CD11c a marker for?

CD11c is a widely established marker for dendritic cells (see CD11c protein and function). It can be employed to determine the subsets of dendritic cells (DC) in the immune system (see CD11c expression in human and murine immune system), but CD11c may be more than a marker for DC cells (see CD11c and inflammation).

What is the difference between CD11b and CD11c?

CD11b is considered a pan-myeloid marker (expressed after granulocyte-monocyte progenitors (GMP) phase in the bone marrow). CD11c is a prefered marker for dendritic cells. But there is exceptions given the variety of tissue distribution of myeloid cells.

Do B cells express CD11c?

Overall, CD11c was expressed in all B cell subpopulations, suggesting a role in all B-cell development steps, with an increased frequency in antigen-driven B cells, which accumulate with age of HD, independently of gender.

Do neutrophils express CD11c?

Neutrophils expressing high levels of CD11c were a feature of sepsis and had a greater diagnostic accuracy for sepsis than neutrophils bearing CD64. An increased prevalence of neutrophils expressing EMR2 was associated with systemic inflammation and with organ failure.

Do dendritic cells release cytokines?

Dendritic cells (DCs) produce cytokines and are susceptible to cytokine-mediated activation. Thus, interaction of resting immature DCs with TLR ligands, for example nucleic acids, or with microbes leads to a cascade of pro-inflammatory cytokines and skewing of T cell responses.

Do lymphocytes express CD11c?

CD11c is definitely expressed by lymphocytes.

Do T cells express CD11c?

CD11c is an α integrin classically employed to define myeloid dendritic cells. Although there is little information about CD11c expression on human T cells, mouse models have shown an association of CD11c expression with functionally relevant T cell subsets.

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