How do you get a Marshfield beach sticker?

How do you get a Marshfield beach sticker?

If your car is in the shop, you can buy a temporary sticker. These permits are available through the mail or at the Marshfield Town Hall starting in January. Currently Sold at Rexhame Beach Behind the Snack Bar.

Is there public parking at Green Harbor Beach?

Parking: Resident sticker parking in town lots on Avon Street (10am-4pm), Green Harbor Post Office (Beach Street, 10am-4pm), and Beach Street extension. Cost: Beach access is free. Parking requires a sticker.

How much is parking at Green Harbor Beach?

Non-resident parking $20 Mon – Thur, $25 Fri/Sat , $30 Sundays & holidays.

Is Marshfield beach open?

Hours: Dawn to dusk. Parking: Marshfield Beach sticker or fee required for on-site parking area. Cost: Free with Marshfield Beach sticker.

How much is parking at Rexhame Beach?

Non-resident day passes are available for $15 (Monday – Friday) and $20 (Saturday, Sunday, and holidays). After 5:00pm everyday is $5.

How do I get a Duxbury beach sticker?

Stickers can be purchased online on the Town of Duxbury’s website by visiting:…, by calling City Hall Systems at 508-381-5455, or by mailing in or dropping off an application and supporting documents to Stickers Department, Duxbury Town Hall.

Are dogs allowed on Green Harbor Beach?

Green Harbor Beach, located in Marshfield in the Plymouth Area of Massachusetts allows dogs to visit and frolic on the beach all year round, but does require the dog be on a leash.

Do you have to pay to park at Rexhame Beach?

Do I need a sticker for Duxbury Beach?

Parking: Large on-site parking area requires resident sticker. Cost: Resident sticker required. Facilities: Dogs: Dog walking requires a permit.

Do you need a permit for Duxbury Beach?

The southern portion of Duxbury Beach requires a permit to park or to drive over sand, but pedestrian access is free. Access to Duxbury Bay for shellfishing and paddling.

Is Duxbury Beach Open today?

Facilities are open from 9:00am to 8:00pm and are located on the side of the building nearest the parking lot. Blakeman’s at Duxbury Beach Park Now Open for Dinner!

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