How do I get food from the Denver food bank?

How do I get food from the Denver food bank?

Food Assistance at Pantries For providers, and/or those looking for support around food, you should call the Hunger-Free Hotline for the most up to date, specific information: 855-855-4626 (toll-free) 720-382-2920 (metro Denver).

Is the Larimer County Food Bank open today?

Food Bank Days of Service pantry in Loveland now operate Tuesday through Saturday. The daily hours of operation remain 10am-3pm at both locations. Safe and contactless food distribution will continue via a drive-up model.

How does Food Bank of the Rockies work?

We procure and distribute food and essentials to more than 800 partners in Colorado and Wyoming, who then support their communities directly. Learn more about Hunger Relief Partners. we receive goes directly to food distribution, and these programs are only part of our community-supported hunger relief efforts.

What food banks need the most help?

They’re the items food pantries—and your neighbors in need—can really put to good use.

  • Applesauce.
  • Canned Beans.
  • Canned Chicken.
  • Canned Fish (Tuna and Salmon)
  • Canned Meat (SPAM and Ham)
  • Canned Vegetables.
  • Cooking Oils (Olive and Canola)
  • Crackers.

How often can you visit a food bank?

How many times can I visit a food bank? You can normally get up to four food bank vouchers issued, as it’s meant to be a short-term solution. Some food banks will be flexible and may be able to provide more. If you’re struggling with financial issues get in touch with us for support on how to manage your money.

Do I have to wear a mask in Larimer County?

As of February 12, 2022, there are no local public health orders or COVID-19 related restrictions. However, federal or state entities continue to require that individuals wear masks in certain settings outlined below: Everyone 2 years of age and older in indoor Head Start settings.

How do I donate to the Larimer County Food Bank?

It’s safe, simple and convenient to make a gift to Food Bank for Larimer County online. To make a gift by phone with a credit card, call 970.493. 4477.

Do food banks take out of date tins?

Food should not be donated to food banks after the use-by date. The only exception is if the food has gone through a safe freezing or cooking process (Opens in a new window) before the use-by date has passed.

Can you just walk into a food bank?

2. How do they work – can anyone just show up? Food bank users don’t need to make an appointment, but many food banks do require a referral from a social worker, GP or even the job centre. Typically, a food parcel is picked up by the person that needs it.

How do you get referred to a food bank?

Getting a referral A good place to ask for a referral is your nearest Citizens Advice. Tell them you need the food bank – they’ll probably make you an appointment to discuss your situation with an adviser. The adviser will ask you some questions about your income and needs.

Is wearing mask mandatory in Colorado?

Face coverings are required at all times, regardless of CDC COVID-19 Community Levels, for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated staff.

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