How do I get Arceus Action Replay?

How do I get Arceus Action Replay?

You can purchase an Action Replay that works with your physical Nintendo DS system, or you can use an emulator with built-in Action Replay support like DeSmuME. Add the code to get the Arceus. Specifically, this is the “Toys R’ Us Event” Arceus, which can be used to trigger the special event in HeartGold or SoulSilver.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon Diamond?

To find Arceus, you’ll need to have a Pokémon Legends: Arceus save file on your Nintendo Switch system with all the main missions completed. You’ll also need to enter the Hall of Fame and obtain the National Pokédex in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl.

Does action replay DSI work on Pokemon Diamond?

This Action Replay only works on DS games like Pokémom Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon… Yeah, it sure does. It has codes for the last of the DS-released pokemon games.

Can u catch Arceus in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

If you’re playing Pokémon Legends Arceus and you’ve been playing for a few dozen hours now, you may be wondering if it’s possible to capture Arceus, the Pokémon that gives its name to this game. The short answer is yes.

How do you enter Action Replay codes?

Plug one end of your your USB cord into your computer and the other end into the top of your Action Replay game cartridge. Find the code you are looking for and open up the « Notepad » program on your computer. Copy and paste the code onto the « Notepad » program. Choose the file-name you want to save this code under.

How do you get Arceus in 2021?

In order to catch Arceus, you must have completed all main missions in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. You’ll also need to have entered the Hall of Fame and be the proud owner of the National Dex in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

Does Pokemon Platinum work with 3DS Action Replay?

This Action Replay only works on DS games like Pokémom Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon HeartGold, Pokémon SoulSilver, Pokémon Black, Pokémom White, Pokémon Black 2, Pokémon White 2, etc. It will not work for 3DS games like Pokémon Sun, Pokémom Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, etc.

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