How can I get my domicile certificate in Pune Maharashtra?

How can I get my domicile certificate in Pune Maharashtra?

Apply In-Person: To apply for domicile or residence certificate in Maharashtra, applicant has to approach the tehsildar office. Application should be submitted in a prescribed format along with the xerox copy of the Leaving Certificate, residential proof, Birth Certificate, Affidavit regarding the stay, etc.

How can I get Maharashtra domicile certificate?

Domicile Certificate Maharashtra Documents Required

  1. An affidavit from court or tehsil.
  2. Identity proof.
  3. Duly filled application form.
  4. Two photographs of University ID or College or Voter ID.
  5. Self-declaration form.
  6. Proof of residence.
  7. Document mentioning the address like driving license or ration card.

How can I apply for domicile?

For applicants who are below 21 years of age:

  1. Two passport size photographs.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s CNIC or From-B.
  3. A copy of the mother or father’s CNIC.
  4. A copy of Domicile Certificate of the parent(s) in which the name of the applicant is mentioned.
  5. A copy of SSC or Matric Certificate.
  6. Proof of trade or occupation.

Which documents are required for domicile?

In order to obtain a certificate of domicile, an individual must also provide the following documents:

  • three photographs;
  • birth certificate;
  • property ownership documents;
  • proof of occupation;
  • copies of education certificates;
  • copy of a National Identity Card (NIC), or a Form ‘B’ for applicants under 18 years of age;

How much time does it take to get domicile certificate in Maharashtra?

Check how to apply for Age nationality and domicile provided by the revenue department,Govt. of Maharashtra. The department will provide service within 15 days.

Is domicile certificate required for MHT CET?

Maharashtra State Candidature Criteria for MHT CET 2022 (They must possess a domicile certificate). Candidates who do not fall in Type A or Type B but their mother or father is a Government of India or Government of India Undertaking employee.

What is domicile certificate Maharashtra?

Domicile Certificate Maharashtra. Domicile certificate is a document that certifies a person’s residential status in a particular state. The certificate is used to avail. various services provided by the Government such as admissions, job placements, and the likes of it.

How can I check my domicile online?

Online monitoring system for Domi- cile Management System was developed and has been operational since June 2007 ( The queue management system enables transparent and quick delivery of computerised domiciles. The system also provides a mechanism to check for duplicate issuance.

Who is eligible for domicile of Maharashtra?

The Father or Mother of the Candidate is Domiciled in the State of Maharashtra. (Either Father OR Mother of the candidate should have a domicile certificate from the State of Maharashtra). Your candidature Type is Out Side Maharashtra State Candidature i.e. All India Candidature Type.

How to get domicile certificate in Maharashtra?

After thorough verification of documents submitted, the domicile certificate will be issued. The applicant can also check the application status on the home page of the Maharashtra governments portal, click on ‘Track your Application’ tab. Then enter Application ID to view the status of your application.

How to apply for age nationality and domicile certificate online?

Then in the ‘Services available Online’ column, select Age Nationality and Domicile Certificate option in Revenue department. Go through the list of documents required and verify if you have all of them, then start with Registration and click on ‘Apply’

How to get birth certificate in Maharashtra?

Apply for Resident certificate in Maharashtra provided by the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj of the state. Information about documents required and guidelines to fill the form is given. This service is to apply for Birth Certificate from Department of Panchayati Raj and RD.

How to get domicile certificate from MeeSeva?

Attach all the required proof Documents. Visit the nearest MeeSeva centre with the Application form for Submission. After Submitting the Application, the Applicant will receive his/her Domicile Certificate. But it would take 30 days to get the Domicile certificate from the date of Submission.

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