How do I get a nuke in Fallout 4?

How do I get a nuke in Fallout 4?

There is also a mini nuke melee weapon. It can only be acquired by using the console (PC) to either add it to the inventory (player. additem 10e689 1) or by visiting the room that contains every item in the game (coc qasmoke).

Can you set off a nuke in Fallout 4?

Launching with the High Confessor’s permission Convince the High Confessor that Atom sent you and the true path to The Division, to Him, is to launch the nuke. Use the launch terminal to start the countdown sequence and escape The Nucleus before the nuke detonates.

Can you make the big boy a Nuka-nuke launcher?

It is also compatible with the unique Nuka-nuke launcher’s unique modification, meaning that one can effectively do double the damage of a regular Fat Man, and 50% more than the regular Big Boy, the only downside is having to actually craft the Nuka-nuke ammo for it.

Where can you find mini nukes in Fallout 4?

The Boston Mayoral Shelter is also a cool place where you can find a Mini Nuke. When you go there, head out to the basketball court which is inside the shelter. From there, look for a small entrance which a door right next to it. Take the door and just look around a little bit until you see the Nuke on a shelf there.

Can you survive a mini nuke?

Yes. Ballistic mesh on which armor? Any more specifics you can provide? If you have enough Damage Resistance and your health is full, you can survive any single attack.

What does the MIRV launcher do?

The MIRV launcher changes the Fat Man to launch six mini nukes simultaneously instead of just one, or twice as many if used on the Big Boy. It still only causes one mini nuke to be used per shot, but can significantly increase the damage output of the weapon.

How do I get a Fat Man?

It’s in the mission that takes you to Fort Hagen to confront the man that kidnapped your son. Deep in the basement you’ll find an armory, the code to this door is found in a red hallway down some stairs nearby. Once inside the armory there is another locked door. Pick the lock and you’ll find a Fat Man.

How do you get Nuka-nuke ammo?

Locations. Three Nuka-nukes can be found inside Bradberton’s office vault at the end of the Cappy in a Haystack quest, along with the Nuka-nuke schematics, by siding with John-Caleb Bradberton over Sierra Petrovita and cutting power to the vault. These are the only placed Nuka-nukes in the game.

What is the experimental MIRV Fallout 4?

The experimental MIRV is a unique Fat Man that can be found in the bomb shelter area of the National Guard depot. This weapon deals the most damage of any weapon in the entire game, as it acts like a shotgun version of the Fat Man, delivering eight mini nukes at once.

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