What country is Lubumbashi?

What country is Lubumbashi?

the Democratic Republic of Congo
Lubumbashi is the administrative centre of the Katanga Province. After the capital Kinshasa, it is the second biggest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo in terms of history, economic standing and population. Founded in 1910 as a base for mining local resources, the city bears the nickname “the capital of copper”.

What language do they speak in Lubumbashi?

Language(s) French is the official language, but the main spoken lingua franca in Lubumbashi is Kiswahili.

What is Lubumbashi known for?

Founded in 1910, Lubumbashi was known as Elisabethville and prospered with the development of the region’s copper-mining industry. It also serves as a distribution center for other minerals, including cobalt, zinc, tin, and coal.

What countries are Congolese?

Congo may refer to either of two countries that border the Congo River in central Africa: Democratic Republic of the Congo, the larger country to the southeast, capital Kinshasa, formerly known as Zaire, sometimes referred to as “Congo-Kinshasa”

Is Lubumbashi safe working?

Be alert to the risk of street crime and armed robbery at all times. Foreigners are at particular risk of street robbery in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, especially near hotels and supermarkets in the centre of town. Robberies by gangs of street children are increasingly common and can be aggressive.

What does Kinshasa mean in English?

British Dictionary definitions for Kinshasa Kinshasa. / (kɪnˈʃɑːzə, -ˈʃɑːsə) / noun. the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre), on the River Congo opposite Brazzaville: became capital of the Belgian Congo in 1929 and of Zaïre in 1960; university (1954).

How many Congo do we have in Africa?

On the western border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, you’ll find the smaller of the two Congos, the Republic of the Congo, or Congo Brazzaville. Brazzaville is also the country’s capital and largest city. This area was formerly the French territory known as Middle Congo.

Is Lubumbashi safe for Indian?

Travel in many sections of Kinshasa, Kisangani, Lubumbashi and most other major cities is generally safe during daylight hours, but travellers are urged to be vigilant against criminal activity that targets non-Congolese, particularly in traffic jams and areas surrounding hotels and stores.

Do Indians live in Congo?

Indians in the DRC The DRC has the largest Indian community of any Central African nation. As of December 2016, there are an estimated 9,000 Indian citizens and persons of Indian (PIO) origin residing in the DRC. Most of the PIOs in the DRC hold British, Canadian, Kenyan and Tanzanian citizenship.

Is Kinshasa expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Kinshasa, Congo: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 4,730$ without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,482$ without rent. Kinshasa is 2.76% less expensive than New York (without rent).

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