How do I contact CPS in Nebraska?

How do I contact CPS in Nebraska?

Do not promise anything you cannot control. (NE CPS HOTLINE: 1-800-652-1999).

What is considered child neglect in Nebraska?

Neglect: Nebraska Revised Statute 28-710 – “’Child abuse or neglect’ means knowingly, intentionally, or negligently causing or permitting a minor child to be deprived of necessary food, clothing, shelter, or care or causing or permitting a child age 6 or younger to be left unattended in a motor vehicle.”

How do I file a complaint against CPS in Nebraska?

If you have a concern about the safety of a child, please call the Nebraska Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline at 1-800-652-1999.

What is social services for families children and youth Nebraska?

The Division of Children and Family Services includes child welfare, adult protective services, economic assistance programs and the youth rehabilitation and treatment centers.

Who is a mandatory reporter in Nebraska?

Nebraska State law requires that any person who believes a child has been or is being abused or neglected make a report. The identity of the person who made the report is confidential and cannot be released. State law also requires that all reports that meet the definition of abuse and neglect are assessed.

What CPS can and Cannot do Nebraska?

CPS can investigate reports, even if they are false. Mandated reporters are required to report any suspected child abuse. It is illegal for them not to do so. Mandated reporters include doctors, lawyers and therapists. Of course, other people can make reports as well.

Is child neglect a felony in Nebraska?

Penalties for Child Abuse and Neglect Child abuse is also a Class IIIA felony if the child suffers serious injury as a result of a criminally negligent act. Criminally negligent child abuse that causes death is a Class IIA felony.

How do I report an assisted living facility in Nebraska?

Ways to File a Complaint Call the complaint intake line at (402) 471-0316 Hours: M-F 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST. Fax the complaint to (402) 742-2389.

How do I foster in Nebraska?

Requirements to Become a Nebraska Foster Parent

  1. Must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. Meet basic income guidelines.
  3. Provide adequate bedroom space that meets local fire codes and a separate bed for each child.
  4. Have reliable transportation.
  5. Complete 30 hours of free training.
  6. Agree to use non-physical discipline for children.

What is neglectful parenting?

Uninvolved parenting, sometimes referred to as neglectful parenting, is a style characterized by a lack of responsiveness to a child’s needs. Uninvolved parents make few to no demands of their children and they are often indifferent, dismissive, or even completely neglectful.

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