Can adults fit in the back of a Mustang?

Can adults fit in the back of a Mustang?

Rear seats are OK for children and small adults, but not for anyone bigger than about 5ft 6.

What is a 2011 Mustang called?

Officially called the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, the car caps a Mustang lineup that includes new V-6 and 5.0-liter V-8 drivetrains.

Do Mustangs use metric or standard?

Well-Known Member. Mustangs have been metric for a while now.

What is the most popular Mustang year?

First-generation Mustangs are among the top cars to own across all age groups, and at a year/make/model level, the 1965 Mustang is the top car of them all among Hagerty clients. For reference, the second-most popular is the ’66 Mustang.

Can a Mustang seat 4 adults?

There will not only not be enough room behind the adult male driver for any human but the trunk is smaller than the Mustang coupe so it will not hold the luggage for 4 people, unless you are all packing for just 1 night with soft luggage! I would recommend an SUV for 4 people and their luggage for the 4+ hour drive.

How big is a Mustang back seat?

The back seat is where the legroom measurement is most important. For the Mustang, almost all specs have a rear legroom measurement of 29 inches. The only trim with a different number for this spec is the convertible model, which has an increased 29.2 inches.

Does Ford use metric bolts?

With a few exceptions of really old carryover parts (like the 8.8 rear axle in a Crown Vic), Fords and all manufacturers are metric and have been for quite some time. Even my 80’s Dodges are metric except for body fasteners and plumbing.

Can you fit 5 in a Mustang?

Aside from some of their high-performance models, Ford Mustang’s have a maximum seating capacity of 4. However, if there is a fifth person over the age of 16, then they technically could sit on the hump bench between the two rear seats without a seatbelt.

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