How much do Dingwall basses cost?

How much do Dingwall basses cost?

Dingwall Bass Guitar Price List

Bass 4 String Passive Electronics Morado Board $3,400.00
Bass 5 String Passive Electronics Morado Board $3,700.00
Bass 4 String Active/Passive Morado Board $4,000.00
Bass 5 String Active Electronics Morado Board $4,400.00

Which Dingwall basses are made in Canada?

Dingwall basses like the AB models, Lee Sklar signature instruments and Prima Artist basses, are made in Canada by Sheldon Dingwall and his team of highly skilled craftsmen.

Who uses Dingwall basses?


  • LEE SKLAR. Studio Legend. “For years I had been looking for a 5-string that actually had some clarity in the bottom end, and with Dingwall I found exactly what I was looking for.
  • Adam “Nolly” Getgood. Periphery.
  • Rob Van Der Loo. Epica.
  • Jacob Umansky. Intervals.

Where is Dingwall Bass made?

Dingwall produces 9 different models of bass guitars: 7 of them are produced out of their main shop in Saskatoon, while the remaining 2 models are manufactured in China using North American sourced materials and set-up again in Canada.

How much do dingwalls cost?

The D-Rocs are around 1800$ or so. There is no ‘Chinese’ Dingwall that’s 4000$. Any bass that’s above the NG range are Canadian hand built and custom basses.

What Bass does Leland Sklar play?

Warwick Star Bass II
In 2010, Sklar began playing the Warwick Star Bass II, which has since become his main bass in the studio. In 2013, after years of having been a Warwick Star Bass II user, he became an endorser of that instrument.

What is a Dingwall?

Dingwall is a name of Norse origin: Þingvellir meaning ‘assembly field’. The location of this place is thought to be what is now Cromartie Memorial car park. This Norse term is also the origin of the name of Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man.

What is a multi scale bass?

Most fretted instruments have a single scale length, with the distance between the nut and bridge being equal across all strings. However, a multi-scale instrument allows for longer lengths for the lower-pitched strings, and shorter scale for the higher strings.

What is the population of Dingwall?

Dingwall (Scots: Dingwal, Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Pheofharain [ˈiɲɪɾʲ ˈfjɔhəɾan]) is a town and a royal burgh in the Highland council area of Scotland. It has a population of 5,491.

What country is Dingwall from?

“DINGWALL, a parish in the district of Wester Ross, in the county of Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. It contains a royal burgh of the same name, and is bounded on the E. by the parish of Kiltearn, on the N. by Benwyvis, and on the W.

Who is Carole King’s bass player?

Leland Sklar
Famous bass player Leland Sklar.

Who plays bass for Phil Collins?

Both in The Section and separately, Sklar has contributed to over 2,000 albums as a session and touring musician….

Leland Sklar
Years active 1962–Present
Associated acts The Section Jackson Browne Warren Zevon James Taylor Phil Collins Toto Era

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