Why was Giant Gonzalez so tall?

Why was Giant Gonzalez so tall?

González was born in El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina on 31 January 1964. He suffered from gigantism, which led to his height.

What happened to the Giant Gonzalez?

Former Argentine professional wrestler and basketball player Jorge ‘Giant’ González has died at the age of 44. González died in his hometown of San Martin, Argentina. The cause of death was established to be complications of diabetes. González had suffered with the illness for several years and was wheelchair bound.

How much did Jorge González weigh?

461 lbsJorge González / Weight

Is Raquel Gonzalez related to the Giant Gonzalez?

She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Raquel Rodriguez. She is a former NXT Womens Champion and two-time NXT Womens Tag Team Champion. González is a second generation professional wrestler, following her father Rick González.

Is Andre the Giant still alive?

January 27, 1993André the Giant / Date of death

Did Jorge Gonzalez wear stilts?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) admitted publicly for the first time today that the late Giant Gonzalez, although billed at a towering eight feet tall, was actually a man of only slightly above average height but very adept at walking on stilts hidden in his boots.

Where is Giant Gonzalez buried?

Jorge “Giant Gonzalez” Gonzalez

Birth 31 Jan 1966 Formosa, Formosa, Argentina
Death 22 Sep 2010 (aged 44) Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina
Burial Cremated, Location of ashes is unknown
Memorial ID 59176640 · View Source

What is the age of Giant Gonzalez?

44 years (1966–2010)Jorge González / Age at death

Did Giant Gonzalez wear stilts?

How old is Dakota Kai?

34 years (May 6, 1988)Dakota Kai / Age

Can you visit Andre the Giant’s Grave?

In accordance with his final wishes, they were. While you can’t go inside André the Giant’s ranch house and there are certainly No Trespassing signs posted on the property, you CAN walk down memory lane with a visit to the Rankin Museum of American Heritage.

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