Why is it called the Americana lock?

Why is it called the Americana lock?

The popular story about the origin of the term Americana is often traced back to Rolls Gracie and his friendship with Bob Anderson who is an American wrestler in the 1970s. It was said that it was Anderson showing the key lock to Rolls Gracie and it was labelled as “Americana” since Anderson is an American.

What is a Americana lock?

The Americana, or “Americana Lock,” is a submission tactic used in Brazilian jiu-jitsu whereby the practitioner of the move takes control of his/her opponent’s arm and putting it in an “L” shape, making the elbow and shoulder joints vulnerable.

What is an Americana in BJJ?

The Americana, also known as the key-lock in wrestling, and ude garami in Judo is a shoulder lock in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that applies pressure on the shoulder of the opponent by bending the arm at a 90-degree angle.

Is Americana a shoulder lock?

The top shoulder lock, (Also known as the figure-four armlock, bent armlock, americana, keylock, V1 armlock, paintbrush, or ude-garami) is a grappling keylock technique in which both of the practitioner’s arms isolate and cause flexion to the shoulder, elbow, and to a lesser extent the wrist of the opponent.

Is Americana a good submission?

One of the most simple and effective from that group of submissions is the Americana lock. The Americana is a great submission no matter if you’re a white belt or a black belt. Once you’re able to isolate your opponent’s arm and lock the submission in it is just about game over.

Is the Americana effective?

This is because they have been proven in both MMA and grappling competition to be effective against all ranks. One submission that is taught in the standard curriculum is the Americana, aka Key Lock. Although this submission is simple and painful it has failed to prove successful against experienced opponents.

Who invented arm bar?

The ever so popular armbar was also the main ally of the closed guard when Sergio Penha, Pascoal Duarte and Otavio Peixotinho started their development of this famed position in the early 1980’s. After Penha’s eye opening performances, the closed guard > armbar set up became one of the most utilized moves in jiu jitsu.

What does an arm bar do?

The arm bar is the most-used joint lock submission in MMA today and it very well may be the most used submission period. This submission is performed by placing your legs across your opponent’s chest, with one of his arms between your thighs and with the elbow joint against your hips.

What does the Americana break?

This submission is often labeled a ‘keylock” or even more descriptive a “Lateral keylock” and is very similar to the Kimura. The Americana attacks the shoulder, elbow and wrist of your opponent and much like the Kimura, will require you to attack your opponent’s single arm with both of yours.

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