Why is it called On Green Dolphin Street?

Why is it called On Green Dolphin Street?

“On Green Dolphin Street” was introduced as the main theme of the 1947 MGM film Green Dolphin Street. The movie was based on British novelist Elizabeth Goudge’s 1944 book Green Dolphin Country, published that same year in the United States as Green Dolphin Street.

What Miles Davis album is on Green Dolphin Street?

1958 Miles 1974 Only “On Green Dolphin Street,” “Fran-Dance” (in tribute to Miles’ future wife, the dancer Frances Taylor) and “Stella By Starlight” were released at the time, on Jazz Track, along with the music for Lift To The Scaffold.

Who wrote Green Dolphin Street song?

Bronisław KaperOn Green Dolphin Street / ComposerBronisław Kaper was a Polish film composer who scored films and musical theater in Germany, France, and the USA. The American immigration authorities misspelled his name as Bronislau Kaper. He was also variously credited as Bronislaw Kaper, Bronislaw Kapper, Benjamin Kapper, and Edward Kane. Wikipedia

Where was Green Dolphin Street filmed?

Humboldt County, California
The film was shot on locations in Humboldt County, California.

What year was the movie Green Dolphin Street made?

November 5, 1947 (USA)Green Dolphin Street / Release date

What style of jazz is on Green Dolphin Street?

On Green Dolphin Street (song)

“On Green Dolphin Street”
Song by Jimmy Dorsey
Genre Pop, jazz
Composer(s) Bronisław Kaper
Lyricist(s) Ned Washington

Is Green Dolphin Street Real?

Green Dolphin Street may refer to: Green Dolphin Street (novel), a 1944 historical novel by Elizabeth Goudge. Green Dolphin Street (film), a 1947 MGM film starring Lana Turner, based on the novel.

Where can I watch Green Dolphin Street?

Green Dolphin Street, an adventure movie starring Lana Turner, Donna Reed, and Richard Hart is available to stream now. Watch it on Apple TV or Prime Video on your Roku device.

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