Why did Johnny Unitas not play in Super Bowl 3?

Why did Johnny Unitas not play in Super Bowl 3?

Baltimore Colts Baltimore’s quest for a Super Bowl seemed doomed from the start when starting quarterback Johnny Unitas suffered a pre-season injury to his throwing arm and was replaced by Earl Morrall, a veteran who had started inconsistently over the course of his 12 seasons with four different teams.

How much is a Johnny Unitas?

Unitas’ rookie card is most commonly found in EX/MT condition, which is worth about $400, a figure that has increased about 33% over the last 4 years.

Does Johnny Unitas still hold any NFL records?

At the time of his retirement in 1973, Johnny Unitas, the superstar quarterback of the Baltimore Colts, held virtually every career passing record that existed in the National Football League. Since that time, some of those records have been surpassed.

Did Johnny Unitas go to college?

University of LouisvilleJohnny Unitas / College (1955)The University of Louisville is a public research university in Louisville, Kentucky. It is part of the Kentucky state university system. When founded in 1798, it was the first city-owned public university in the United States and one of the first universities chartered west of the Allegheny Mountains. Wikipedia

Did Joe Namath ever play for the Miami Dolphins?

joe namath – Quarterback – Miami Dolphins | LinkedIn.

How many Super Bowls have the Jets?

1969New York Jets / NFL championships
The Jets have won one Super Bowl in their only Super Bowl appearance. They won Super Bowl III in 1969 against the Baltimore Colts, who were the strong favourites to win the game. The New York Jets were the first AFL team to defeat a team from the NFL (pre the 1970 NFL-AFL merger).

How much is a 1970 Johnny Unitas football card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Average Price
MINT 9 $647.50 $446.89
NM – MT 8 $290.25 $133.69
NM 7 $60.00 $71.00
EX – MT 6 $37.00 $38.53

How far could Johnny Unitas throw the football?

40,000 yards
Even so, Unitas set many passing records during his career. He was the first quarterback to throw for more than 40,000 yards, despite playing during an era when NFL teams played shorter seasons of 12 or 14 games (as opposed to today’s 17-game seasons) and prior to modern passing-friendly rules implemented in 1978.

What happened Johnny Unitas?

His body had gone through all the wear and tear that led to him physically unable to his right hand and couldn’t do any physical activity outside of golf. Unitas passed away on September 11, 2002, at age 69 due to a heart attack while working out at a physical therapy center in Baltimore.

How tall is Johnny Unitas?

6′ 1″Johnny Unitas / Height


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