Who wrote the song You Are My Sunshine my only sunshine?

Who wrote the song You Are My Sunshine my only sunshine?

Jimmie Davis
Charles Mitchell
You Are My Sunshine/Composers

What is the meaning of You Are My Sunshine my only sunshine?

“You Are My Sunshine” is often called “heartwarming”, but a close look at the lyrics after the first verse shows that they’re better described as “heartbreaking”. It’s about unrequited love.

Where does the song You Are My Sunshine come from?

Oliver Hood & ‘You Are My Sunshine’ According to Hood’s family, his children have a brown paper sack that has the original lyrics to ‘You Are My Sunshine written on the back and he first performed the song in 1933 at the VFW in LaGrange, Georgia.

Who covers You Are My Sunshine?


Title Performer Release date
You Are My Sunshine Nat “King” Cole with Orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle 1955
You Are My Sunshine Carl Smith, Rosemary Clooney, Gene Autry, Don Cherry, The Collins Kids with The Tunesmiths September 10, 1956
You Are My Sunshine Guy Cherney 1956
You Are My Sunshine Faron Young January 1, 1957

Did Jimmie Davis write You Are My Sunshine?

“You Are My Sunshine” is a song copyrighted and published by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell in 1940….You Are My Sunshine.

“You Are My Sunshine”
Single by Jimmie Davis with Charles Mitchell’s Orchestra
Label Decca
Songwriter(s) Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell

Is the phrase You Are My Sunshine copyright?

you are my sunshine First recorded in 1939, the song is copyright 1940, words and music by Jimmie Davis (who later went on to become Louisiana’s state governor) and Charles Mitchell.

What is the message of You Are My Sunshine song?

In other words, “You Are My Sunshine” is actually two very different songs: In its entirety, it recounts a troubled love affair beleaguered by recrimination and mistrust, but reduced to just its chorus, it is a sweet/bittersweet declaration of pure and simple love, with a simple yet powerful metaphor at its core.

What does morning sunshine mean?

It’s like a greeting to someone to introduce a new day, and at the same time, telling them that THEY are the person that makes the day happen!

Did Johnny Cash Write You Are My Sunshine?

This is a song recorded by Johnny Cash. It was released in 1969 as the tenth single from his album, Land of the Free Home of the Brave (Previously Unreleased Session). “You Are My Sunshine” was written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell.

Who sang You Are My Sunshine with Ray Charles?

Ray CharlesYou Are My Sunshine / Artist

What figure of speech is You Are My Sunshine?

Yes. Unless the speaker is literally speaking directly to sunshine, then this is a metaphor.

What songs did Jimmie Davis write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
Nobody’s Darling but Mine Jimmie Davis September 21, 1934
Plant Some Flowers by My Grave Jimmie Davis, Rupert McClendon July 27, 1942
Shackles and Chains Jimmie Davis December 9, 1937
Sheltered in the Arms of God Jimmie Davis, Dottie Rambo July 22, 1969

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