Who wrote the song Monster by Skillet?

Who wrote the song Monster by Skillet?

John Cooper
Korey CooperGavin Brown

When did skillet monster come out?

2009Monster / Released

How old is the song Monster by Skillet?

Monster (Skillet song)

Released July 14, 2009
Recorded 2009 at Bay7 Studios, Los Angeles, California
Genre Hard rock
Length 2:58

Did skillet break up?

Korey Cooper on Twitter: “Don’t worry! Skillet is NOT breaking up😊” / Twitter.

Who sings the Monster Mash?

Bobby PickettMonster Mash / Artist

Where did John and Korey Cooper meet?

How did John and Korey meet? They met while Korey was visiting friends at John’s church in Memphis, Tenn. Ironically, John, then 20, met Korey a week after he made a commitment to God to quit dating. Because John dated frequently, he felt that dating had become an idol for him.

When did the song The Monster Mash come out?

1962Monster Mash / Released

What is the song Monster by Skillet about?

Skillet “Monster” is a song about not wanting other people to see the bad side of you. Every person has their own flaws that they would like to get rid of, but sometimes it is hard and…

What genre is Skillet’s “bubble” on?

And the song reached the top 5 on three charts: Christian Rock, Mainstream Rock and Active Rock. What have the artists said about the song? In a 2010 interview with teensforlife.com, John Cooper, the singer of Skillet said:

Who is the director of the monster music video?

The music video for “Monster” was directed by the Erwin brothers, and was released on September 2, 2009 on Noisecreep. It features the band performing in a hospital room while in the next room, lead vocalist and bassist, John Cooper and guitarist, Korey Cooper, are being tested on and under observation from a medical team.

Where can I find the official YouTube channel for Skillet?

Official YouTube channel for Skillet. Victorious (The Aftermath) – available now: https://skillet.lnk.to/aftermath An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. Pre-order Now!

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