Who wrote India After nehru?

Who wrote India After nehru?

Kuldeep NayyarIndia after Nehru / Author

Is India after independence important for UPSC?

Recently we have celebrated the 70th Indian independence day. The history of Indian is an important topic in UPSC IAS Exam. UPSC IAS exam is all about hard work and smart study….Major Events in India After Independence (1947 – 2020)

1947 India became an independent nation
2002 Gujarat riots

Who Gandhi called maker of modern India?

Raja Rammohan Roy: The Maker of Modern India.

Who comes after Nehru book?

Bibliographic information

Title After Nehru, Who?
Author Welles Hangen
Edition reprint
Publisher Harcourt, Brace & World, 1963
Original from the University of Michigan

Is Guha’s entire career in retrospect a preparation for India after Gandhi?

His entire career, he says, seems in retrospect to have been an extended (and painful) preparation for the writing of India After Gandhi. Guha’s books and essays have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Who is the author of India after Gandhi?

India after Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy is a book by Indian historian Ramchandra Guha published by HarperCollins in August 2007.

Who is Rajeev Guha?

He has been a Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, and also served as the Indo-American Community Chair Visiting Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. After a peripatetic academic career, with five jobs in ten years in three continents, Guha settled down to become a full-time writer, based in Bengaluru.

What makes Guha’S “Guha” so special?

Guha includes vivid sketches of the major “provincial” leaders, but also writes with feeling and sensitivity about lesser-known Indians—peasants, tribals, women, workers, and Untouchables.

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