Who won Olympic all around gymnastics in 2008?

Who won Olympic all around gymnastics in 2008?

Nastia Liukin
Nastia Liukin delights the crowd with a spectacular performance to win the Olympic gymnastics individual all-round with 63.325 points, more than a half-point ahead of her teammate, friend and world champion Shawn Johnson. Yang Yilin of China wins the bronze medal.

Who did Nastia Liukin beat in 2008?

Liukin finished with a score of 63.325, followed by Johnson with a 62.725 and China’s Yang Yilin, who earned the bronze with a 62.650. “Just to be here at the Olympic Games is amazing,” Liukin said. “To stand on the podium and hear ‘Olympic champion’ next to my name was a dream come true.

Who won gold medal in acrobatic gymnastics?

Rita Ferreira and Ana Teixeira, who made history last year by capturing Portugal’s first gold at the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships, earned a second title in the women’s pair category in Baku on a day when Belgium won two titles.

Who won the 2008 all-around?

Nastia Liukin beats Team USA team-mate Shawn Johnson to the individual all-around gymnastics title at Beijing 2008.

How did Nastia beat Shawn?

Her style is inherited from Mary Lou Retton, who—no accident—Johnson greeted in the audience after she completed the stunning floor routine that would bring her the silver medal. In the end, Nastia won the day—she finished ahead of Shawn by six-tenths of a point.

Who won acrobatic gymnastics?

Portugal’s Rita Ferreira and Ana Teixeira (28.780) notched the gold medal, while Hungary’s Dorina Bernath and Noemi Strattner (26.950) and Kazakhstan’s Alexandra Rudakova and Damira Talgat (26.790) were second and third, respectively.

What are the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships?

The Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships are the World Championships for acrobatic gymnastics. Before 2006 they were known as the World Sports Acrobatics Championships .

What happened in the 2008 NBA Finals?

The formation of the All-Star trifecta in the summer of 2007 positioned the new-look Celtics as a popular favorite to win the 2008 NBA Finals. Going into the series, the Celtics had won the most championships of all-time with 16, and the Lakers were second with 14.

How did the Celtics win the NBA championship in 1987?

The Celtics won this series by winning Games 1, 2, 4, and 6; coincidentally, the last time the two teams met in 1987, the Lakers won that series in identical fashion. It was also the same identical fashion when the Celtics won the NBA Finals in 1986 before this championship.

How good were the 2008 Boston Celtics?

The Celtics appeared in the Finals for the first time since 1987 and second-best 20th time overall. The 2008 Boston Celtics championship team was famously led by the organization’s “Big 3” in Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, and was the first season the triumvirate played together.

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