Who was drafted in the NFL in 1999?

Who was drafted in the NFL in 1999?

1999 NFL Draft Revisited

  • Browns: Tim Couch, QB Kentucky.
  • Eagles: Donovan McNabb, QB Syracuse.
  • Bengals: Akili Smith, QB Oregon.
  • Colts: Edgerrin James, RB Miami.
  • Saints: Ricky Williams, RB Texas.
  • Rams: Torry Holt, WR NC State.
  • Redskins: Champ Bailey, CB Georgia.
  • Cardinals: David Boston, WR Ohio State.

Who was the number one NFL draft pick in 1999?

Tim Couch
Drafted Players

Rnd Pick Player
1 1 Tim Couch
1 2 Donovan McNabb
1 3 Akili Smith

Who is in the 1999 draft class?

1999 NBA Draft History – Round 1

  • Draft#:1. Elton Brand. Ht/Wt:6-8 260.
  • Steve Francis. Ht/Wt:6-3 195. Position:SG.
  • Baron Davis. Ht/Wt:6-2 190. Position:PG.
  • Lamar Odom. Ht/Wt:6-10 220. Drafted From:Rhode Island Fr.
  • Jonathan Bender. Ht/Wt:6-11 210.
  • Wally Szczerbiak. Ht/Wt:6-8 245.
  • Richard Hamilton. Ht/Wt:6-6 185.
  • Draft#:8. Andre Miller.

Who was in the 2007 NFL draft class?

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Pick Team Player
1 Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell
2 Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson
3 Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gaines Adams

What day was the 1999 NFL Draft?

The 1999 NFL draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 17–18, 1999, at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

Who was the number one draft pick in 2000?

Courtney Brown
Drafted Players

Rnd Pick Player
1 1 Courtney Brown
1 2 LaVar Arrington
1 3 Chris Samuels

Who was the first pick in the 2006 NFL draft?

Mario Williams
First overall pick Mario Williams was a four-time Pro Bowl selection and one-time All-Pro defensive end. Quarterback Jay Cutler enjoyed a 12-year career in the league, receiving one Pro Bowl invite.

Who was drafted first in 2007 draft?

JaMarcus Russell
The first round was the longest in the history of the NFL draft, lasting six hours, eight minutes. One of the big stories of the draft was the fall of Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn….

2007 NFL Draft
League NFL
First selection JaMarcus Russell, QB Oakland Raiders
Mr. Irrelevant Ramzee Robinson, CB Detroit Lions

Did Megatron retire?

2016Calvin Johnson / Career end

How many players were drafted in the NFL in 1999?

The 1999 NFL Draft was held on April 17-18, 1999. A total of 253 players were chosen over 7 rounds. The Cleveland Browns chose Quarterback Tim Couch from Kentucky as the first pick in the draft. The NFL also held the 1999 NFL Supplemental Draft prior to the start of the 1999 NFL season. Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

How many quarterbacks have been drafted in the first round?

Five quarterbacks were selected in the first round — Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, Akili Smith, Daunte Culpepper, and Cade McNown — the second most (along with the 2018 and 2021 drafts) after the 1983 NFL Draft. The draft also marked the second time after 1971 that the first three selections (Couch, McNabb, and Smith) were quarterbacks.

What draft picks did the Chiefs trade in 1999?

Apr 17, 1999: Chiefs traded 1999 2nd round pick (43rd overall, Rob Konrad) to Dolphins for 1999 2nd round pick (54th overall, Mike Cloud ), 1999 3rd round pick (84th overall, Larry Atkins) and 2000 6th round pick (188th overall, Darnell Alford) Apr 17, 1999: Steelers traded 1999 2nd round pick (44th overall,…

Who was the first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft?

The Cleveland Browns chose Quarterback Tim Couch from Kentucky as the first pick in the draft. Future Hall of Famers Edgerrin James and Champ Bailey were selected in this draft.

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