Who scored in Man City vs QPR?

Who scored in Man City vs QPR?

City won the match in dramatic fashion, reversing a 2–1 deficit by scoring two goals in stoppage time, with the winner being scored by Sergio Agüero, to clinch their first league title since the 1967–68 season.

When did Aguero score against QPR?

But in terms of sheer impact and drama, Sergio Aguero’s goal vs QPR in the 2012 season has perhaps no equal in football history.

What does 9320 mean for Man City?

13th May 2012: A date already etched into the very fabric of Manchester City’s recent history, has been immortalised once again. 93:20: A moment in time, attempts to encapsulate the pandemonium that followed Sergio Aguero’s title-winning strike against Queens Park Rangers from a unique perspective.

Who said Agueroooooooooo?

Martin Tyler’s
Sergio Aguero’s effort will stand as one of the most iconic moments in English football history, and it was accompanied by some equally iconic commentary. Martin Tyler’s shout of “Aguerooooo!” is so intrinsically related to the moment that fans even had it printed on their shirts.

What minute was the Aguero goal?

Sergio Aguero scored the most memorable goal in Premier League history, an iconic moment, three minutes and 20 seconds into stoppage time against Queens Park Rangers in 2012.

What does 93 20 mean at Man City?

PUMA could commemorate Sergio Aguero’s league-clinching goal for Manchester City against QPR in 2012 with a 93:20 anniversary kit at the start of next season, according to a new report.

Who made the Aguero call?

commentator Martin Tyler
93:20 have become numerals that will forever be associated with Sergio Aguero, but the man behind the microphone that fateful day in 2012 couldn’t have described the goal, the celebration, or the seismic shift from utter devastation to delirium better than legendary Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler.

What team does Martin Tyler support?

In May 2018, he followed Dowson to National League club Woking, a team he has supported since he was young.

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